The 10 Best Braided Hairstyles for Shorter Hair

Some people like to wear their hair in the same style at all times, regardless of a special occasion or the need to have a hair day off youve probably found the style that suits you best and you feel at most ease. More experimental people choose to show a more quirky side to their personality and like to expermiment with a change of style whithout having to cut or dye their hair. This list of the 10 best braided hairstyles will give you some ideas of how you can style your hair and change your look at home without the need of a new haircut.

1. Half-Back Fishtail Braid with Hair-Wrapped Base

Fishtail braids are always a simple and fun way to switch up not only your hairstyle but your braided look. We love the base of a fishtail braid to be hair-wrapped rather than being able to see the rubber band because of the softer look.


Long bob fishtail braid

2. Mohawk French Braid with Ponytail

Throwing your shorter hair in a low ponytail is probably one your of go-to hairstyles. It’s easy, appropriate for all occasions and cute.  But if you want to add a braid to this look, one way to do it is adding a Mohawk-style French braid down the center of your crown and then finish the look with the classic low ponytail.


Mohawk braid with short hair

3. Two Corn-Row Braids

Another way to use your shorter hair, the art of French braids and a secure braided look is by creating a corn-row braided look with two separate French braids. This braided hairstyle is perfect for that long bob that you haven’t been sure of how to style lately.


Boxer braids for shorter hair

4. Partial Corn-Row Braids with Bun

The half-up bun is the trendiest hairstyle of the year. Combine the look with two partial cornrows that end at the top of your crown and then with the rest of your hair, style it with a tousled bun for a fun look that goes from day to night.


Partial corn-row braids with bun

5. Half-Up Five Strand Braid

What we love about braids with shorter hair is that it’s much easier to manage than those tricky braided hairstyles. With less hair, there’s less room for error and on long bobs, error looks even better. This simple five strand braid looks flawless with its slightly tousled texture.


Tousled 5-strand braid

6. A Three Directional Braid

We love half-up braided hairstyles with shorter hair. This one has the hair swept back in a loose traditional braid but then two additional braids on each side to keep the hair pulled-back, secure, and completely unique.


Cute three directional braid

7. Macramé braid

Macramé knots are traditionally reserved for your grandma’s blankets and other weaving projects! it is now a fantastic braided hairstyle idea. Also known as the snake braid, this Lauren Conrad inspired braid is actually pretty easy to recreate.


Macrame braid

8. Side-Swept Waterfall and French Braid

A great way to create fullness for braids with short hair is to have a deep side-part. Creating this side-swept, front position braid is a combination of a French and Waterfall Braid. This will give you a gorgeous full braid but still keep your short hair down and full of style.


Side-swept waterfall French braid

9. Waterfall Braid with Curls

This soft and romantic braid is perfect for all your special occasions. You might not have enough hair to wrap around fully so by meeting two separate braids in the middle, you can create a full waterfall braid look. Curl the remainder of your hair for more formal occasions or just to create more body and volume.


Perfect short hair braid for formal events

10. Messy Crown Braid

Side-swept and crown braids are one of the cutest braided hairstyles for every hair type and length. We love this inside out braid that is swept to one side and descending. Finish it a few inches before the end and create a knot with your hair.


Tousled crown braid