5 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Work

Most of us are working to live, not living to work and therefore work is nothing more than a 9-5 grind that funds the weekend that we’re all counting down too. But we have to do it, and we have to look our best while we’re there.

You probably don’t want to spend too much time in the morning on your hairstyle, especially if you’re guilty of hitting the snooze button a few too many times. But you want to dress to impress. These 5 hairstyles are simple, sophisticated and polished are perfect for the workplace, your budget and your minimal morning time.

 1. An Inside-out Ponytail

This look couldn’t be easier and it works well with curly, wavy and straight hair. You can wear it slick and polished or tousled. Put all of your hair in a low ponytail in the back, use your fingers to create a small hole at the base of the ponytail and bring the ponytail down through the hole. You can make it easier by purchasing a Topsy Tail Tool (usually around 5$) tool or you can make one at home with a hanger.


Inverted ponytail hairstyle for work

2. Mini French Crown Braid

Braids are often forgotten for the work place but this look is perfect for a day at the office and for happy hour. Start at your part and pick up 1” – 2” section, leaving out your bangs. Start a French braid that does towards your ear and finish the braid just behind your ear and secure with bobby pins.


Wear a mini crown braid to work for a beautiful look

3. Braid Wrapped Ponytail

A lot of us simply pull our hair back in a ponytail and rush out the door. If you have an extra minute or two to spruce up your ponytail then try this simple look that your co-workers will definitely notice. Pull your hair into a mid to high ponytail in the back, take a small section of the ponytail and braid it. Then wrap the braid around the elastic and secure with bobby pins.


Simply ponytail with a braid

4. Divide and Conquer Curls

It’s nice to change up your hairstyle and add some curls every once in awhile. Unfortunately, they usually take too much time. With this hair hack, you’ll be able to divide, conquer and wear curls in minimal time. You simply turn on your curling iron, put your hair in a ponytail and curl the ponytail.


Hair-hack for simple curly hairstyles for work

5. Twisted Braided Bun

This look is brought to you from TwistMePretty. It’s super fast and beautiful and it’s perfect for any working lady. You simply pull your hair back in a mid to low ponytail and create a 3-strand braid. Create a hole at the base of the ponytail (like in an inverted ponytail) and pull the braid through and you will repeat but do not pull the braid all the way through. You can see perfectly in the tutorial.