Answers to Common Blow-Drying Questions

Some of us blow-dry every day, while others rarely if ever dust off their blow-dryer. But all of us wonder the same thoughts when we’re styling and drying our hair after its wet. We’re concerned about damage, style and what are those attachments that come with it? We’re putting your mind to rest with answers to common questions about blow-drying your hair.


What setting should I set my blow-dryer on?

There are different levels on your blow-dryer because we all have different hair! The high heat is better for thick or coarse hair and if your hair is really wet. The low setting is better for thin, fine or damaged hair and if your hair is already towel dry. If your hair is already partially dry, use low heat to prevent damage.

That cool setting is great for sealing your hair cuticle when your hair is already 75-80% dry to seal curly or wavy hairstyles.

Should I hold the blow-dryer in one place until it’s dry?

Short answer: No. Always keep the dryer moving and never leave it on one section of your hair for too long, this will fry your tresses! Dry your hair downward (from root-to-tip) and don’t stop moving the blow-dryer.


What type of blow-dryer should I use?

Not all hair dryers are created equal. Ionic hair dryers blow dry your hair much faster than the the force of air flow and has technology that breaks down water, which means less time, less heat and less damage.

Ceramic and tourmaline hair dryers are another great option because they use infrared heat, which is gentle on your hair and also gives your hair a shiny, smooth finish. They’re ideal for beating frizz too.

Even if you do not have a ceramic or ionic blow dryer, you can use the attachments to protect and control your hair and to avoid blowdrying mistakes read here. People with curly and wavy hair can use the diffuser to add volume and body to their tresses. Concentrator attachments direct airflow, which is perfect for frizz control and styling.


When should I replace my blow-dryer?

Sometimes we hold onto our hair appliances a little too long. With outdated technology comes higher risk of hair damage and even hurting yourself so replace your blow-dryer if:

  • Your hair dryer has a blocked filter: You could have a professional clean it, but it is probably time to replace it.
  • Your hair dryer isn’t steady: If your blow-dryer is wobbling in your hands, it means things are loose and/or broken. This can block the airflow, making it insufficient and inconvenient.
  • Your hair dryer is making weird noses: This means that something is blocking the airflow to and from the fan of the hair dryer. This is a potential fire hazard; it’s time to toss it out.

If you’ve had your hair dryer for a long time, there’s a chance it uses old technology. This is not only inefficient but your hair is subject to high levels of heat, causes breakage. New technology distributes heat efficiently and safely here are some hairstyles you can do with your blowdryer.