Auburn Red Lob

Only 1-2% of the population is born with the gorgeous red hair color, making it the most unique hair color in the world. Most natural red-heads are more of an auburn color with lots of brown and blonde complimentary highlights.


For such an exclusive hair color, even if you are not a natural red head, you should have a hairstyle that sets you apart from the rest. Long bobs (lobs) have the most versatility for texture, length and style.


Here are some Auburn red lob haircuts that we are red-hot for:

Long Graduated Bob with Bangs

If you have straight hair, this long bob is easy to maintain and looks even more fashionable with blunt bangs. The longer hair in the front allows for styling versatility but the shorter layers in the back sets this lob apart from the rest, just like your red mane.


Graduated long bob

Long Bob with Short Choppy Layers

Red hair often has hues of blonde and brown throughout the hair color. Layers and texture will show off these natural hues and give your hair plenty of texture and body. Choppy layers are ideal for creating texture, especially if you prefer to wear your hair with a wavy texture.


Choppy long bob

Center Part with Long Layers

If you have thicker hair and want a long bob, you’ll have to thin the mane – just a little, to make it more manageable. Long layers will show off your hairs thickness, give your red mane texture, but also make this hairstyle manageable. We love this look with a center part but your face shape might look better with a side-part.


Lob for thick hair

Lob with Bardot Bangs

Regardless of your hair length, red hair will make your eye color pop! We love pairing bangs with red hair because it draws attention to your beautiful eyes. Bardot bangs, parted down the middle, works for every face-shape and will bring your red hair and eye color together. The Bardot bangs look great with a lob too!


Red hair and Bardot bangs

Ombre Red Lob

If you’ve always had a darker red hair color, spice it up by adding a lighter red color to the ends of your hair for a long bob that shows off your natural red hue, but with some help of the ombre hair color technique. This look is perfect for straight or wavy hair.

Balayage red lob

Balayage red lob