The Best Hairstyles to Wear to Yoga

Yoga is partially about being at peace in your mind, body and soul. You want to wear hairstyles that don’t distract you or prompt your mind to wonder. Have you ever been in downward dog and your hair is falling in front of you? Or when you’re lying on your back your ponytail prevents your head from lying flat? Fortunately, there are hairstyles that are both cute and practical for your yoga practice, check them out:


Double Braids

If you’re looking for something that will keep your hair back and allow you to effortlessly flow through any vinyasa, try double braids. You can wear them through the day and into the evening post-yoga too.


Double braided hairstyle for yoga

Fishtail Braid

Double braids can get complicated, but one of the simplest braids is the fishtail. It takes some practice but so does yoga. Practice your fishtail with your poses and you’ll find they both flow together.


Fishtail yoga braid

Simple Headband

Large cotton headbands are a favorite in the yoga community. It will keep your hair untouched and the soft headband does not leave any creases behind. It will keep your hair secure from falling in your face but also flat and down. Best of all, it will help soak up the sweat from hotter or more intense yoga sessions.


Yoga headbands

Low Ponytail

Simple is often the best way to go. A low ponytail does it all: keeps your hair back, doesn’t damage your hair with pulling or tugging and it’s perfect for when you’re flat on the mat. Simply pull out the hair elastic when you’re done.


Low ponytail is always a safe bet

High Half-Up Bun

Are you looking for something cute and easy for yoga? A high half-bun is perfectly trendy and perfectly practical for your practice. It will keep your mane controlled and in place but also looks cute while you’re practicing your poses on the mat.


Half-up casual yoga hairstyle

Bubble Ponytail

Next time you head to yoga, try a bubble ponytail. Adding elastics every inch or so will keep your long hair from falling into your face and keep it pulled back securely. Keep the base of the ponytail high or low to make sure that it doesn’t hurt your crown when you’re lying on your mat.


Easy yoga bubble ponytail

Our Favorite Hairstyle Tip for Yoga

Regardless if you choose braids, ponytails or long flowing waves, we love the yoga headbands. They keep fly-aways in check, they are cute and stylish, keep sweat away from your eyes and you can take them from yoga to the gym for a jog or to brunch with your friends. You can wear them rolled up, up high on your crown or down low on your forehead depending on the type of yoga class. You can also check out some other great hairstyles to wear at the gym here.

Headband's for yoga

Headband’s for yoga