Best Half-Up Hairstyles for Crimped Hair

Are you looking for a way to change up your hair without changing the color or length? Dust off your crimper for a fresh texture. Crimping your hair can have secret benefits too. It’s perfect for those days you skip shampooing, it gives fine hair texture and it spices up an every day hairstyle.


Rather than just opting for regular half-up hairstyles, add some crimped hair to the mix for an undeniably style-stopping hairstyle. Check out some of our favorite crimped half-up hairstyles:

Low Ponytail Half-Up

This hairstyle is a great option for crimped hair. Crimped hair tends to gain tons of volume (perfect for fine hair). Pull it back in a low ponytail for a half-up do will tame the mane and still display the crimped texture.


Low half-up ponytail with crimped hair

One Side Pulled Back and Pinned Under

If you’re crimping portions of your hair then it won’t be as voluminous but will have great texture for a bolder hairstyle. Sweep all your hair to one side and then tame it by pulling the front section under the back and pinning it underneath the voluminous crimped hair. Plenty of controlled volume for a statement hairstyle.


Pinned half-up hairstyle for crimped hair

Vintage Curls with Crimped Hair

Vintage curls and crimped texture both give you extra volume. Combine the two for a modern twist on a vintage hairstyle. Crimping your entire head and then styling with a voluminous side-swept curl in the front is a special hairstyle idea for that special occasion.


Vintage crimped hair

Wear a Headband

A simple way to display the crimped mane but also control it is by sweeping back the front of your hair and simply securing it with a headband or hair wrap. This will add control and style to your crimped locks.


Headband hairstyle with crimped hair

Twisted in the Front

Crimped texture; the bigger, the better. When your hair is in full crimped texture, it is in its glory. Show it off by securing the front of your hair tightly to your head and then allow the crimped hair to show off its big look throughout the rest of your locks.

tyra ban banks crimp hair tutorial

Tyra Banks crimped pulled back hair

Braided Bob with Crimped Hair

If you’ve got a lob then crimping your hair can be an easy way to style it for the days when you don’t feel like washing it. It gives your hair the texture to hide any grease or dullness. A simple braided pulled back look will give your lob the boost it needs.


Braided crimped bob

Braided Back Bob

Another way to wear your bob crimped is to only crimp the bottom of your hair. This will prevent your shorter hair from becoming too wide. Then simply French braid the top portion of your hair to show off that crimped style underneath.


French braid with crimped hair