Bob Hairstyle Ideas for a Round Face Shape

If you have a round face shape then you’ve probably heard you have “chubby cheeks” your entire life. This youthful face shape is cute and charming but if you have a round face shape then you know that the wrong hairstyle only makes your face wider and your look even younger.


Round face shapes tend to do better with long hairstyles that draw attention downward and make the face appear thinner or longer. But, long hair might not be right for your hair texture or perhaps you simply don’t want long hair. Regardless of hair type, color or texture, there is a bob hairstyle that can work with your face shape. Check out some options:


Short Bob with Heavy Side Bangs

One of the best tools in the face-shape toolbox is side bangs. By adding heavy side-bangs to your short bob, you can hide some of the width and the asymmetrical shape will make your face appear longer and thinner.

Short bob with heavy side-swept bangs for round face

Short bob with heavy side-swept bangs for round face


Longer bob with side bang for round face

Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob

Sticking with the idea of asymmetry to make your face appear narrower is an asymmetrical bob. The length will allow you to play more with texture and colors for complimenting your face shape and the asymmetrical cut with reduce some of the width.

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob

Voluminous Side Part

Sometimes the trick to making a length work is by simply making sure the part suits your face shape. If you’re thinking about getting a bob with your round face shape, try parting your hair to the side with lots of volume. This will give your face shape length and make it appear more oval.


Bob for straight hair and round face

Highlighted Graduated Bob

Graduated bobs (haircuts that are shorter in the back) create height around the crown. This volume is much appreciated for round face shapes. Highlights are also effective at slimming the face. With the height, layers and lighter color, this hairstyle is a perfect option for a round face.


Graduated bob for round face

Create Height on One Side

Pulling from the vintage hairstyle looks, when you have a round face shape, you can use the classic style of one side being lower than the other to create length. If you use a left side parting, style your hair high on the right side. The technique is the same regardless if you have old Hollywood curls or a modern tousled cut.


Styling a bob for a round face shape


Vintage inspired bob for round face shape

When you’re getting a bob with a round face shape, remember to use angles, highlights and parts to create length or minimize width. Tips for what NOT to do include:

  • Don’t style your hair slicked back
  • Don’t get a cheek-length bob
  • Don’t add width through curly texture unless its asymmetrical
  • Don’t get blunt bangs
  • Don’t get a blunt chin-length cut