Brigitte Bardot’s 5 Most Iconic Hairstyles

Brigitte Bardot, nicknamed BB, is one of the world’s most iconic fashion and sex symbols. Born in France, Bardot made a name for herself across the globe as an actress and singer. But we want to play homage to her iconic mane in all its Parisian glory. Whether styled in sultry waves, a tousled half-up do or straight with lots of that 1960’s volume, Bardot has been inspiring hairstyles for decades. Let’s take a look at 5 of her most iconic hairstyles.


Bardot Headband

Trends change throughout the years, but they grow from each other. Today, we wear headbands all the time, but rather than teasing our crown, we pair them with fishtail braids or topknots. Bardot famously wore a wide headband with teased hair. It was the perfect look with her layered tresses.


Bardot’s incredible headband hairstyle


Bardot’s headband


A timeless hairstyle with a headband

Bardot Pigtails

Not everybody can pull off pigtails. On most of us, they look childish. But Bardot made pigtails look sweet and seductive all at the same time. With the curtain bangs and red bows around the pigtails, they looked like a chic and stylish hairstyle rather than one reserved for girls under the age 14. So, if you’re into pigtails, take some pointers from Bardot’s look.


Voluminous pigtails


Bardot pigtails with red bows

Straight Flower Child Hair

Bardot often wore her hair messy and textured. But when it came to the 1960’s and 1970’s, straighter hair was definitely in. It is the ultimate hippie flower-child hairstyle. Bardot wore flowers in her straight and layered hair and gave the world an iconic image to put with the fashion and culture of the era.

Bardot's flowers in her hair

Gorgeous long straight hippie hair


Untamed straight flower child hair


Bardot’s flowers in her hair

Bardot’s Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

When we think of Bardot at HairWorldMag, we think of her half-up hairstyles and her curtain bangs, also known as ‘Bardot Bangs’. Whether her down tresses were curled, wavy or straight, her half-up hairstyle was often accessorized with a bow. But her perhaps her most iconic half-up look is the beehive.


Big hair, don’t care


Bardot’s incredible curtain bangs


Brigitte Bardot’s half-up hairstyle with ribbon


Bardot beehive

Bardot Braids

Some hairstyles truly are timeless. Braids are definitely one of them. A side-swept braid with volume is a hairstyle that you can wear to work or your wedding and it will be appropriate. Bardot’s classic braided hairstyles in the 60’s are something you can definitely wear today. Sometimes BB would rock her pigtails in braids and it was just as chic.


Bardot’s curtain bangs and side braid


A classic side braid


Bardot pigtail braids