Brown Hair with Balayage Caramel Highlights

Balayage seems to always be for brunettes who want to try blonde on for size. But, it doesn’t have to be about a dramatic change looking natural. Balayage can brighten your darker hair by simply choosing a warm, darker hue like caramel and placing hand-painted highlights throughout your layers and locks to get your preferred look. Check out some of these ways to wear the caramel balayage hair color.


Blonde and Caramel Ombre

Make your brunette hair lighter by blending the warmth of caramel with the cool of blonde. Use the balayage technique to create a brunette to caramel to blonde ombre. This low maintenance look can work for every hair type and skin tone with the right placement of highlights and caramel hues.


Caramel to blonde

Peak-a-boo Caramel Highlights

Balayage allows you to choose where you place your highlights, as many or as few as you’d like. If you just want a subtle way to add warmth and dimension to your brunette hair, try adding some caramel highlights underneath the top layer of your hair and just have a few peak-a-boo highlights.

Subtle caramel highlights

Subtle caramel highlights

Top-Layer Caramel Highlights on Layered Hair

Another way to use balayage is to get highlights painted all over your top layers. This will keep the cost and maintenance down but it can still look natural thanks to the painting technique of the highlights. We love this look on layered haircuts because together they add movement and warmth.

Top layer highlights

Top layer highlights

Caramel and Chocolate Hues

Darker and warmer caramel highlights can blend perfectly together with brunette hair. This look, also known as sombre, blends the beauty of both darker and lighter highlights to create a color that looks like a cup of espresso with caramel on top – perfect for all seasons.


Caramel and dark highlights

Asymmetrical Balayage

You can use balayage to simply brighten up the locks around your hair. If you’ve got a bob, try out an asymmetrical dye job by adding heavier balayage to the side you part your hair but only a few strands on the other side.


One-sided balayage

Caramel and Copper Balayage

Caramel highlights warm up your entire look but a lot of brunettes already have some warmth through red undertones in their hair. Why not blend the copper richness of underlying red colors with the warmth of light and warm caramel highlights. This look is perfect for fall too.


Copper and caramel

Not Just Caramel Balayage

If you’re looking for something bolder and brighter then don’t just stick to caramel balayage highlights. Add darker lowlights, copper mid-tones and bright blonde to create a look that will turn heads everywhere you go.


Maybe you’re looking for a totally new look, a few highlights for a season or just something to soften your darker hair, caramel balayage highlights can work on every hair length and style.