Bun Cuffs Hairstyles

Who doesn’t love coming home, throwing on some pajamas and throwing their hair up into a top-knot? This cozy, easy hairstyle is a go-to for evenings at home. But what about that unexpected call to go out for some dinner, dancing or drinks? That top-knot might not work anymore. Thanks to bun cuffs, your lazy top-knot look can be easily transformed into the perfect look for going out. Check out some these top-knot bun cuffs to accessorize with.


Simple Gold Cuff

Simple cuffs are perfect for accessorizing your night out. If you’re wearing gold jewelry, complete the look by adding a single gold cuff around your top-knot. You can wear it on the back for a surprise when you turn around (perfect for back-less dresses) or in the front for a statement.


Simple bun cuff


Gladiator Style Cuff

If you have time – tame your wild bun, then securing it with a stylish gladiator inspired cuff with a pin to secure both your hair and your style. We love this look for summer BBQs or special occasions. It’s perfect for a higher collar that calls for a statement hairstyle.


Statement bun cuff

Double Bun Cuffs

Looking for something a little more extraordinary? This double bun look is giving a modern touch with these gold bun cuffs and double braids. Make a bold statement and make it twice by turning your one-knot into two.


Double bun cuffs

Low Bun with Cuff

Sometimes when you pull your hair up into a top knot, you’ll find untamed fly-aways hiding under your locks. Keep them hidden and pull your bun down for a low bun. You can still use the bun cuff to secure your lower knot for a simple and feminine look.


Low bun with cuff

Copper Bun Cuff

Gold is fine, but if you’re looking for a more unique cuff then opt for a copper colored cuff. This is perfect for lace collars, or looks that seem to channel a more medieval look such as high gladiator shoes and a simple crop-top but this statement making cuff will fit with any look.


Bun cuff for special occasion


Copper and gold bun cuff

Half-Up Bun with Bun Cuff

Mix metals and locks with a half-up top-knot that’s complete with a bun cuff. This look is right on trend and finishing off this stylish half-up top knot with a bun cuff can take this look from the workplace to the dance floor.


Half-up bun with bun cuff

Floral Bun Cuff

We love the floral crown headbands but sometimes they’re too much of an accessory that overpowers your look. Simplify the hairstyle with a delicate and easy top-knot and a much smaller floral bun cuff.


Floral bun cuff

The next time that you need a quick look that is stylish and easy, opt to simply add a cuff around your bun. You’ll be ready for whatever the night holds in store for you!