Dark Sombre Hair Color Ideas

We often see ombre on longer hair with flowing waves but ombre can be a stylish way to spruce up a shorter cut. But ombre hair is getting a make-over and sombre hair color is making a big statement over the lighter ombre look. The definition of “sombre” is “dark or dull in color or tone” and that’s exactly what the hair color tries to embrace.


Sombre Short Hair

The sombre is about making the ombre look softer by leaving dark roots and lighter tips but still embracing that natural look. The key to making this work is using more shades and hues throughout the hair to create a less abrupt contrast between roots and ends. You will want to use both lighter and darker shades but make sure they’re only a few shades different from your natural hair color to compliment your skin and eye color.

This look paired with a shorter hair cut can be a soft but bold statement hair cut that will give people that hair-envy. Check out some of our favorite ways to embrace the sombre on short hair.

Caramel and Honey Highlights

A graduated bob is chic all on it’s own – but if you want to add even more body and the appearance of movement then try sombre on for size. This subtly colored look is perfect for all seasons. The dark brown highlights are perfectly blended with subtle caramel hues and finishes with a soft honey dip on the bottom.

Caramel and Honey

Caramel and Honey

Choppy Bob with Bronze Highlights

Choppy cuts are ideal for shorter hair because it adds volume and dimension and so does the sombre look! You can play with darker hues through the front and bottom sections of your hair but leave the very front and top layers honey and bronze for a naturally gorgeous look.


Choppy bob with sombre hair color

Reverse Balayage Sombre

The reverse balayage means strategically sweeping darker hues through the roots. This look keeps the highlights closest to the front of the face and sweeps the darker hues through the back around the crown. This gives you that freshly blonde look without the peroxide damage to the roots.

Reverse Balayage

Reverse Balayage

Sombre Pixie

Pixies are so stylish with the right face shape. A great way to help a pixie frame your face and compliment your cheek bones and skin tone is with the sombre hair coloring techniques. You can use the lighter and darker hues to emphasize your jaw-line or draw attention to your eyes. It will also show off layers and texture better.


Sombre pixie