How to Experiment with Blue Hair for Dark Hair

Experimenting with unnatural hair colors doesn’t mean you have to go a full mermaid hair color or opt for something as temporary as color chalk. Using subtle coloring techniques can allow you to experiment with some different colors such as blue. Experience the feeling of cool blue by trying some of these hair color ideas.


Blue hair

Dark Blue Tips

An easy way to “dip your toes” is to “dip your tips” with blue. This subtle blue balayage look is the perfect way to try blue hair color on your darker locks. It will lighten your overall look without damaging your dark tresses or changing your look too drastically.


Dark blue dipped hair

Dark Blue and Teal Ombre

This look is a little bolder and it might be a second or third step towards trying new hair colors. Opting for a lighter teal ombre with darker blue on the top is a subtle mermaid look. It also requires minimal maintenance for an easy breezy blue hair color.


Blue and teal ombre

Midnight Blue Highlights

Taking a color as dark as midnight blue and painting them on your black or dark brown hair will result in a subtle lightening of your hair. People might have to look twice or under the right light to be sure that your hair is blue. This look is perfect for people with cooler skintones and darker tresses.


Midnight blue highlights

Strategically Placed Bright Blue Highlights

If you don’t want an ombre or overall hair color, just adding a few pops of bright blue hues such as teal will brighten up your darker look without damaging your or changing your overall look too much. This can be easily dyed over or added too depending on how you feel about the change.


Silver or Gray with Blue Highlights

If you don’t want to go blue all over but you are looking for a brighter and bolder hair color then try a heavier highlighting color like silver or gray and then use light blues as a secondary color. This look is perfect on a wavy texture to give your hair body and style.


Lighter hair with blue highlights

Blue Highlights Underneath Dark Hair

If you’ve got a lot of hair then you can have a little blue secret. Dying your hair underneath the top layers of your hair will enable you to wear your hair down, and for the most part appear to be your normal dark hair color. But when you style your hair, move it around or pull it up, it will reveal your edgier side.


Hidden blue highlights

Blue hair can be an easy and exciting way to try new hair colors. Remember to consult with your stylist about what hue of blue works best for your natural hair color, skin tones and which coloring option will help you try blue without being too much too soon.