How to Give Your Long Boring Hair a Fresh New Look Without Cutting It

We’ve all said it: “I’m so bored with my hair right now!” This usually results in chops, layers and bangs that we didn’t really want and might potentially regret. While sometimes the only way to get the fresh new look that we truly desire is to get a whole new haircut. However, you can sometimes get out of your hair-rut by trying some new styles and looks. Here are some ideas for what you can do with your long hair.

Try New Updo’s

One of the best ways to switch up your hair’s everyday look is by trying new updo hairstyles. From curls and chignons to braids and headbands, there are endless options. Updo’s don’t have to take a lot of time, pins and hairspray either to get a truly awesome updo that will make you glad you didn’t add pesky layers or cut off the length just because you’re bored. Check out these hairstyles for inspiration:


Loose up do’s with braids


Unique up do’s with twist


Different side-bun options

Change Up Your Ponytail

For ladies with medium-length and long hair, the ponytail (or the messy bun) is always a go-to hairstyle. When you’re in a rut with your longer hair you tend to just throw it back so you don’t have to deal with it. Rather than simply pulling it back in your average ponytail, spice your ponytail up with a new ponytail style. This just might help rekindle the love with your longer hair. By adding braids, switching up the position of your ponytail, using ribbons or just adding texture to your ponytail, you’ll give yourself the variety you seek.


Simple ponytails with ribbons for a new ponytail look


Gorgeous twisted ponytails for a new look

Switch Your Part

Do you always find yourself wearing your hair to one side or in the center? Giving yourself the new style that you need to get out of the rut can be as simple as switching up your part. Next time you get out of the shower simply brush your hair to the other side and consider adding some waves, curls or an accessory.


Give your hair a new part for a fresh look

Clip-In Bangs

Bangs are high-maintenance and if you decide you don’t like them, it wil take you a long time to grow them out. But bangs can be exactly what you need to get you out of your styling rut. Try some natural-looking clip-in bangs that you can wear – or not wear – as you please.


Clip-in bangs give you an entirely new look

Give Your Hair a New Texture

Sometimes all we need is a new texture to pull us out of our hair boredom. This can be as easy as using your hair straightener more if you have curly hair, trying a new curling technique with your curling iron or adding a texturizing spray in your hair to give it a wavy and voluminous texture.


Different hair textures for long hair


Curly and wavy hair textures

Try a Faux Bob

If you are considering going shorter but you’re not quite sure you can let go of your long tresses just yet then try styling your hair in a faux bob a few times. This might give you enough variety that you’re okay keeping your long hair and opting for new styles or it might encourage you to really chop it all off. Use this as a trail run.


Try a faux-bob with your long hair

Remember – if you’re stuck in a hair rut, don’t rush to the hair salon and ask for a pixie or blunt bangs. Consider all of your options and try some new things, including faux bobs and clip-in bangs to make sure that it is a look that you’d love and not one made out of boredom. Start by slowly trimming your hair and if y