Great Looking Hairstyles for Mature Women

Finding age appropriate hair can be difficult, and beauty and hair magazines seem to neglect mature women. Regardless if you are in your 40’s or 60’s you want a hairstyle that is regal but doesn’t age you but also isn’t too adolescent for your mature look and trying to find all of that in one look isn’t always easy. Here are a few looks that can help inspire and guide your new mature hairstyle.

The Graduated Bob for a Older Women

The bob hairstyle knows no age. It’s timeless, chic, and looks great on everyone. A graduated bob is shorter in the back and gradually grows longer in the front. The difference between lengths is up to you. It is also defined by lots of layers in the back so that gives thinning hair a fuller look but it still allows you to keep length for some styling. Add some side-swept bangs for a great look that is also practical for hiding wrinkles or sun spots.


A graduated bob is perfect for thinning hair.

A Long Layered Bob for a Younger Look

Another ageless hairstyle is the long layered bob. This is more of a medium-length cut which is great for the maturing women who doesn’t want to get the expected ‘mom-do’. You definitely don’t have to get a short haircut simply because you’ve turned 45 or older. If you have healthy hair then rock it forever, but long hair does have maintenance and as you get older its natural for hair to get thinner so the layers will give your hair some body and volume.


The best long bobs for older women.

Side-Swept or Blunt Bangs Cover Wrinkles

Regardless of the length of your hair rather it’s pixie, bob, or longer than shoulder length having bangs will give you a really youthful appearance. Bangs are vibrant and add life to a hairstyle. They also cover up wrinkles and other aging signs and they draw attention upward from the neck to the eyes. Choose a bang based on your hairs texture and your face shape. Your stylist should be able to guide you on the best bang for you.


Bangs are the perfect anti-aging haircut.

The Perfect Pixie that Looks Trendy

Finally, if you are ready to liberate yourself from the daily hassle of long hair then don’t fear the perfect pixie hairstyle. The pixie is tremendously trendy and super chic. You want to get a pixie cut that fits your face shape. For example a round face should have a voluminous layered pixie while heart shaped faces should have pixies that are short on the sides near the forehead. You can also get pixies that are longer and have side-swept bangs and these pixies are perfect for mature women because they are super soft and feminine but also very practical.


Perfect pixies for mature women.