Your Guide to Curtain Bangs

Here at Hair World Mag we’ve loved curtain bangs aka Bardot bangs for a while. But, the latest trend reports are in and they say curtain bangs are IN. Some might argue that curtain bangs aren’t a trend, they’re a way of life. After all, when you think of celebs that have them such as Kirsten Dunst and Alexa Chung, they have been rocking these bangs for years.


Now other celebs and street-stylers have noticed just how chic these bangs are. But, we’re here to give you all the how-to to curtain bangs, and a few stylish cuts and styles to pair them with.

Should I Get Curtain Bangs?

First things first, these bangs might look easy to maintain but they are still bangs. If you’ve tried bangs before and your curly or thick hair didn’t agree then these still might not be right for you. They work well with straight hair and hair with minimal waviness in the front.

It is also important to consider your face shape. If you have a longer face shape or an oval shape, then curtain bangs work well. If your face is too wide or round, the bangs will cut off length and emphasize your cheekbones, so it is better to stay away from these bangs.


What About My Hair Cut?

The curtain bangs look great with long bobs, long straight hair, and mid-length wavy cuts. They can also bring a modern twist to a classic hairstyle, or, if you opt for a more 60’s inspired curtain bang, they can soften blunt cuts. Just keep your hair texture and face shape in mind before accessorizing your lob with curtain bangs.


What’s the Maintenance?

You will probably want to invest in some products such as a serum or leave-in conditioner to keep your bangs in place. You will also have to spend some time giving them some little extra love with the blow dryer, and depending on your style, a round brush to help finish off the blow-drying. Finally, they are bangs so they will need upkeep to preserve the shape of the bangs and keep them from falling in your eyes too much.


Alright, now that we’ve offered some tips and honest cautions about diving into this trend – that is a lifestyle too – here are some ways to wear this trend.

Half-Up with Curtain Bangs

If you’ve got longer hair and you want to spice it up this season, curtain bangs might be right for you. We love pairing curtain bangs with 1960’s inspired hairstyles, such as a voluminous half-up hairstyle. This look is perfect for keeping your hair pulled back but still framing your face.

half-up-hair-curtain-bangs - Copy

Half-up hairstyles with curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs with Rounded Ends

A lot of people this season are wearing the curtain bangs with their blunt bobs. But we love when you use the bangs to soften your overall look. You’ll need a rounded brush to round off your bangs and your layers, but this look is so versatile and classic.


Rounded locks with curtain bangs

Choppy Straight Bob with Curtain Bangs

Some times curtain bangs just feel like another layer to your already shagged look. Curtian bangs will add movement and volume to your bob or long bob. Especially if you’ve added choppy layers to your look. It’s not recommended that you do this if you have curly or wavy though.


Layered bobs and curtain bangs

Updo’s with Curtain Bangs

We might chop our hair into curtain bangs just to get these updo looks. Top-knots, low buns and braids have never looked so good than when they’re paired with thick yet wispy curtain bangs. It’s the perfect way to get those slick updo’s if you have a longer face. The bangs will help keep everything proportionate.


Updo with curtain bangs

Wavy Long Bob

The wavy long bob has been in all year, so why not pair your trendy lob with the latest trend? Curtain bangs add another dimension to your wob (wavy bob) without really adding too much extra maintenance. Make sure that your face shape can handle all the extra width that the waves and bangs will create though!


Wavy long bob

The Modern Bardot

When we think of curtain bangs, or window bangs, we think of Bardot. This fashion-icon is still inspiring us but we love these bangs with a little modern twist. A softer look with more texture and face-framing layers perfectly compliment this Bardot inspired look.

Modern Bardot bangs

Modern Bardot bangs

Side-Swept Curtain Bangs

A lot of curtain bangs we see are parted down the middle to create that window out of your face and curtain from the bangs. But, that might not work for your face shape or your preferred style. A fuller, thicker cut of your bangs that are then parted to one side creating a more wispy and undefined curtain-bangs look might be a better option.

Side-swept curtain bangs

Side-swept curtain bangs

We hope that the curtain bangs trend sticks around. This timeless look can express your inner flower-child from the 60’s, or iconic fashion-forward look. It might just be a new way to style your bob or longer hairstyles. Remember to keep your hair texture and the bangs maintenance in mind before opening the window.