Hairstyle Ideas for Freshman Year

The school year is quickly approaching – but some of us aren’t going back to high school. Freshman year of college is a new found freedom and for many of us, it’s a chance at a fresh start and a fresh look.

You’ll want a hairstyle that compliments what your mama gave you. you can choose a hairstyle that works with your face and natural hair type. But you’ll also want a look that is low-maintenance, after all, you’re probably not going to wake up too early! Here are some easy to do hairstyle ideas that are fresh and chic for this new chapter.

Long Bob with Ombre Tips

You’ve seen celebs like Kylie Jenner rocking this low-maintenance but bold hairstyle. The shorter length is perfect for those Freshman days when you’re too busy with exams, homework or parties to worry about styling. This long bob doesn’t need styling to look good but it’s long enough for lots of styling options.


Long bob with ombre

A Asymmetrical Bob is a Cool Idea

Another hairstyle that is ultra-chic without much more styling than running a brush through it but still offers you versatility and edge is an asymmetrical bob. This haircut has a lot of variety and you need to make sure that you choose a length that works with your face shape. These bobs look great as short as ear-length or as long as the collar bone. You can opt for a blunt cut or choppy layers.


Asymmetrical long bobs


Asymmetrical bobs

Shoulder Length with Blunt Bangs

If you have been thinking about blunt bangs and have the right face shape for blunt bangs then freshman year is the perfect time to try them. Rather you have slightly wavy hair or poker straight tresses, this modern look will look perfect your college gear.


Shoulder-length hair with blunt bangs


Shoulder-length cut with bangs and waves

Long Wavy Layered Hair

The reason that we love wavy hair so much is that it’s relatively easy to create. You can simply sleep in some dry curlers, a sock bun or a headband or throw on some sea salt spray and have waves. These waves can be tousled, put back in a ponytail, braided loosely or style with hair accessories.


Long layered hair with texture


Long wavy layered hair

Dye Your Hair Burgundy

One hair color that has taken off over the past year is the deep red or burgundy colors. Burgundy is a red color that has purple or blue undertones. Not everybody can pull off this look but if you’ve got a bold personality and cool skin tones, this gorgeous color will give you that change that you need.


Burgundy hair ideas for a fresh new color

Long Pixie

Many celebs have stated their reason for chopping off the hair because it symbolizes leaving the past behind them. This short hairstyle will truly give you that feeling of a fresh start. So give yourself that clean slate you and your hair need and rock a shorter cut.


Longer blonde pixie cuts


Long pixie with side-swept bangs