Hairstyles to Impress Your Significant Other’s Family for the Holidays

It’s a big step to meet the family over the holidays. There is no need to worry though – confidence is your best look. You want to be yourself, while still delivering on your best first impressions of course. You will probably want to wear something that truly captures who you are – but is also classy, timeless and flattering. A hairstyle can say a lot about who you are. Of course, you are dynamic, stylish and one look does not capture the complexity the ins-and-outs of you, but it is the first part of who you are that they will meet.


Quick Tips:

Context: What time of day are you meeting the family? This will determine the type of hairstyle you wear. Where are you meeting? A casual lunch place, their place or an upscale restaurant? You probably would not wear a curled updo to breakfast.

Do not wear too much product: Product’s tend to have a strong smell. You don’t want to be giving off the smell of hairsprays, gels and dry shampoo for your first impression.

Be you: Don’t try to be somebody that you are not. Your significant other’s family wants to meet you – the real you. There is no need to wear your hair in long flowing curls when you straighten your hair every day. Authenticity is important, be true to your style.

Here is some of our favorite first-impression hairstyles for meting your significant others family for the holidays.

Ribbon Hair Accessory with Wavy Hair

You can’t go wrong with a classic pulled back hairstyle. This look works for any and every event too. We love pairing it with a ribbon because it gives a simple hairstyle a little something extra. A soft, sweet and feminine hairstyle that is easy but makes a stylish impression.


Ribbon hair accessory for the holidays

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

You might need the help of a friend for this one, you might also need your friend to calm your nerves anyway! Perfect for a thanksgiving dinner at grandma’s or Christmas dinner, this softly pulled back and fishtail braided hairstyle will keep your hair secure – and hopefully your nerves too.


Half-up fishtail braid with wavy hair

The Perfect Holiday Party Ponytail

You can’t go wrong with a ponytail. It might seem too simple but a party perfect ponytail works for everyone. We recommend adding some wavy hair texture to create volume throughout the ponytail. Rather than a basic elastic, try a twist or wrap the elastic with a strand of hair. This will keep your hair pulled back so the family can see your gorgeous face, keeps your hair back while you’re eating, but still has extra style.


Perfect party ponytail

Simple Side-Sweep with Accessory

Simply pulling one side of your hair back will give your hair body, volume and style. If you’re going to a more formal event, or want to make a bigger statement, grab a hair accessory that perfectly captures who you are, or at least kind of reflects your personal style.


Holiday hair accessories

Classic Low Bun for Holiday Day

Mid-length or long hair can get in the way of holiday fashion. High collars, v-necks, dangling earrings all make perfect holiday looks but the neckline can call for a simple up-do. A low bun can be sleek and sophisticated or loose and stylish. Make this look yours, and complimentary to your neckline for this holiday look.