Half up Half Down Wedding Day Hairstyles

The ultimate wedding hair questions: up or down? Why not combine the two ideas and create a gorgeous half-up half-down look? This way you can show off your gorgeous hair but still keep it off your face and from overpowering your elegant wedding dress. Half-up hairstyles are everywhere in the wedding-world these days too. Perhaps because Kate Middleton showed us how to blend the polished look of updo’s and the sexy and soft looks of down do’s on her wedding day or maybe it’s because they work well with just about every type of dress during every season. Here are some half-up hairstyles for inspire one of your most inspirational day.


Half up hairstyles fro your wedding day

Boho Crown Braid

Crown braids are a popular option for wedding hair but it is usually a full updo. This is a hairstyle that has a lot of versatility so you can definitely find one that fits your style. Try a bold braid around the very front of your head and the rest of your hair left down or in a soft side ponytail or pulled back with multiple braids around the crown. You can try French braids, traditional 3-strand braids, a waterfall or perhaps a fishtail braid if done right. This will keep your hair tight and pulled back for your long eventful day but still create a soft and elegant look that you’ll look back on for years and think that ‘that was a great hairstyle’.


Crown braid wedding hairstyles

Half-Up Bouffant

Perhaps your wedding theme and dress is less boho-chic and more vintage glam. A great way to blend the 1960’s with your flower-power themed wedding is by recreated a bouffant. Of course, the bouffant is not reserved to those with a vintage wedding dress. The look is simple and glamorous making it an ideal look for all brides. This is a great look if you have bangs too because they work well with the bouffant and you don’t have to try and hide your signature bangs. If you’re looking for plenty of volume but still want your hair left down then opt for a bouffant.


Bouffant wedding hair ideas

Straight and Sleek

Sometimes a straight and simple hairstyle is the best option for the bride. If you have a simple dress than you don’t want an intricate hairstyle throwing off your style but also if you have an elaborate princess-style dress then opting for a simple hairstyle is a great way to guarantee all eyes are on your face and dress. A sleek center part will really draw attention to your make-up on your face but if you have a round or long face shape then a side-swept part or swept back will compliment you better.


Sleek half up wedding hairstyles

Twisted Back and Curled

The most traditional half-up hairstyle for weddings is pulled back with lots of curls. There is perhaps the most traditional half-up hairstyle because it blends the traditional polished look of those updo’s but still lets you show off your favorite tresses. A great way to spruce this hairstyle up for your wedding day is to tie your top layers (the half-up part) back into twist rather than with clear elastics or bobby pins and loosen those tight curls up for a softer and more relaxed look and don’t be afraid to tousle it up.


Half up wedding hair with a twist

Soft Ponytail on your Wedding Day

We know what you are probably thinking: ‘A ponytail…on my wedding day??” but this casual hairstyle can quickly look like an elegant wedding hairstyle. This is a great way to reap the benefits of up dos: stays in place, keeps your neck and face cool, keeps your hair off your dress, and more traditional but still allows you to have the fun and glam of a down do. In order for it to be a down do it should low and loose. You can keep it swept back or pushed to the side. This is also a great way for ladies with bobs to get an up do look.


Gorgeous ponytails for your wedding hair