Half-Up Top-Knot for Every Length

The half-up top-knot is like a fine wine – it just gets better with age. This trend took off last year with celebs like Khloe Kardashian wearing the look. But since then, the half-up hairstyle has become one of the hottest trends on YouTube, Pinterest and street-style bloggers. You can rock this trend all summer long, regardless of your hairs type or length. You might need to use some styling tools and hairspray to get it to stick, but this look can take you from the pool party to the wedding party this summer.

Short Hair Top-knot

Short hair isn’t out of this trend. The half-back bun is a great option for the short hair variety. When your hair is short you might think that the tiny bun probably isn’t going to make for the best half-up look. But a cute small bun at the top of your crown is perfect. You’ll need to use some hairspray, clear elastics and voluminous styling to secure the look.


Half-up top-knots for shorter hair

Medium Hair with Texture

If you have thick hair or naturally textured hair then you know that medium-length hair has it’s pros and cons. It’s a manageable length but sometimes there’s too much poof happening thanks to all that great texture. The half-up topknot is the perfect way to tame the wild mane. It looks great with textured hair too. Embrace the volume and texture for a tousled and messy topknot look.


Messy half-up top-knots

Medium Hair with Straight Texture

This look doesn’t have to be messy just because it’s a topknot. You could easily choose this look for weddings, proms, work, etc. If you have mid-length hair and you want an easy but sleek option, then styling this topknot with a straight or controlled texture. Your bun is going to look different than everybody elses but use your brush and product to create a little more volume and fullness for your special occasions.


Simple half-up mid-length top-knots

Long Hair and Perfect Top-Knots

Long hair is ideal for this look because you’ve got all that extra hair to wrap up in every way possible. From beehive buns to messy donut buns, you can do it all. The key to making it work with long hair is using bobby-pins and hairspray to get the bun to stay in place all day.


Long hair and half-up buns

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this hairstyle. The best part is that it’s not suppose to look perfect and no bun will ever look the same twice. Try twisting your hair into a bun or use a sock bun if you’ve got longer hair. This look might be trendy now but it is versatile and you can completely put your own twist on it!