How to Braid your Bangs Easy

Bangs make a bold fashion statement. They’re flattering for many face shapes and can help hide beauty marks as we age but you also might find that you want to tie them back out of your face from time to time – for functionality and fashionably. You can easily keep them pinned back with some bobby pins but why stop there? It’s simple enough to braid your bangs for a new look that’s functional too. Here’s a few easy ways to braid your bangs:

Side Twist French Braid

This look is simple and easy to recreate. All you need to do is take two strands of hair and twist them over one another, adding more hair (like a french braid) with each twist. This can work for short bangs or longer side-swept bangs, making it a versatile and quick easy look.


French Twisted Bangs

Waterfall Braided Bangs

The waterfall braid is another look that can be done on both short and long hair and short and long bangs. The braid is tricky when you first try it but once you’ve practiced it, it becomes as easy as a twist to recreate. You can play around with this look and have the waterfall wrap around your head or end at the length of your bangs.


Waterfall Braided Bangs

Double French Plaits

Side-swept braids isn’t the only way to make this look work. Sienna Miller showed us that growing out your bangs is an opportunity to try an edgy new look. Double french braids back, splitting the center part, is an easy braided hairstyle that will last all day. It looks great for day and evening occasions too.

Doubled Braids

Doubled Braids

Simple Side Swept French Braided Bangs

No need to complicate the braid or the bangs. Together you can easily recreate a french braid. It’s easier because you’re using less hair and you’re in front of you rather than working backwards. Starting at the beginning of your fringe, you’ll recreate a simple 3-strand french braid that can wrap down around the length of your hair or be pinned underneath.


Classic Side Braided Bangs

Bangs aren’t always easy work – they take frequent styling and trimming, but for the right look, they’re worth it. If they need to be tied back for a day, try one of these easy braided hairstyles. Braiding your hair isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have practice. Grab some bobby pins to help secure the braids as you’re going to keep your look in place all day.