How to Make Your Hair Less Staticky?

The winter air brings with it the desire to sip hot chocolate, the feeling of the holidays, coziness found snuggled under blankets and the opportunity to wear cute hats and hair accessories. Unfortunately, the dryer winter air mixed with hats often results in staticky hair that cannot and will not be tamed. If you want to know how to take the static out your hair the we have the answer.

Why Does Hair get more Staticky and have more Fly-aways in the Winter?

During the winter months, there is a lack of moisture in the air. That moisture is necessary for volume, body and curly locks. Pair that with the warmth from knit-hats, scarves and jackets, fly-aways are bound to happen.


How to Prevent Static

Avoid synthetic materials. Make sure that hats, scarves and other accessories you put on or near your hair are from natural materials such as wool, cotton or cashmere. This will help prevent static.

  1. Only shampoo every other day. Let your hairs natural oils build-up to help reduce dry static.
  2. Use a moisturizing conditioner. If you skip conditioning in the summer months, pick up a bottle for the winter season. It’s important to keep your hair properly moisturized during these dry months.
  3. Don’t use a plastic comb or hairbrush. Plastic holds static, meaning that it can actually make your hair more staticky as you brush your hair. Opt for metal, boar or other natural materials for your combs and hair brushes.
  4. Buy a humidifier. You might find that during the winter months, your clothes are also more staticy. A humidifier will prevent static on your clothes and hair!

What to Do if Static Happens Mid-Day

  1. Grab a dryer sheet. The same way it prevents static with your clothes, it will do the same with your hair. Run a dryer sheet over your hair for quick static relief.
  2. Use a fine misting bottle of water (or hair spray) to help de-electrify that electric hair!
  3. Use a bit of oil. Grab some coconut oil, argon oil, olive oil, etc. and put a little dab through your hair. Be careful not to use too much or else static might become a greasy hair problem.
Use a dryer sheet!

Use a dryer sheet!

Hairstyles for Staticy Hair

When all else-fails, you can always choose a hairstyle that will help tame the static. You might not want to sweep your hair back unless you have some water or oil nearby to help tame the flyaways as you sweep your hair back. But, keeping your hair parted down and pulled back is a great option!

Low Side Braids

Braids will help you keep the most static-filled portions of hair off your face and neck. Braid them in a low side-swept braid or small side braids to keep your hair controlled.


Control the static with braids


Low side-braid with hair

Super Straight Hair

Perhaps you enjoy your natural hair texture, but your hair has been too staticky as of late. Dust off your flat iron and hair spray. A great way to ensure you can tame the flyaways is to straighten your hair and use hairspray. This will allow you to get a few static-free days out of your hairstyle, if you skip shampooing as recommended.


Skip shampoos and straighten your hair


Sleek and straight to fight static