Imaginative Medium Length Hairstyles

It used to be that medium length cuts meant a shoulder-sweeping haircut with a few layers. The world on Pinterest and Instagram has shown us that mid-length cuts can be as dynamic if not more than longer cuts and bolder than shorter cuts. If you’re looking for a haircut that has both length and makes a statement, check out these cuts for some imaginative inspiration.

Choppy Medium Length Graduated Bob

If you have thin or fine hair then medium-length cuts work best for you. A graduated choppy bob will create fullness by using layers and angles to create volume and shape.


Mid-length choppy bob

Reddish Purple with Wavy Bob

A reddish purple hue can go well with every skin complexion because it can contrast cooler tones or enhance warmer tones. Pair this color with a wavy bob for a haircut that is bold and voluminous.


Wavy lob with burgundy hair color

Shag Cut with Blunt Bangs

This cut works well with fine hair and oval or heart-shaped faces. A wavy style will make fine hair appear fuller and the blunt bangs are the perfect contrast to the wavy style but will also help compliment your face shape with the wavy texture.


Blunt bangs make a haircut edgier

Rounded Blonde Bob

A retro-inspired blonde bob always makes a statement. Long shag layers will help this bob emphasize your facial features, frame your face and create more volume. Add some side-swept bangs for a perfectly sweet and bold cut.


Rounded blonde bob

Heavy Layered Graduated Bob with Honey Hues

If you have thick hair then adding layers can be a good way to remove some weight and make the cut more manageable. Choppy layers will give your cut the bold style that compliments your personality and adding honey hues throughout will make the layers pop and compliment a warm skin tone.


Long layered graduated bob

Rose Gold Voluminous Bob

Celeb’s like Sienna Miller and Kylie Jenner have been seen rocking this delicate yet statement making hair color. The feminine and bold color is the perfect compliment to a layered long bob cut.


Subtle rose gold hair color

Short Bangs with Mid-Length Cut

If you are able to rock bangs with your hair texture and face shape then try these high-fashion shorter bangs that are about 2 inches above the eyebrows. These make for a unique look that blends street style with runway style.


Shorter bangs for an edgy look

Full and Long Blunt Bangs

For ladies with straight, thick hair and oval or heart-shaped faces, these heavy blunt bangs can give you the change you’re looking for with your mid-length cut.


Blunt bangs