Loose Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Braids will never go out of style. From pigtails and French braids to the ever-increasing popular fishtail braid, they add versatility and style to your daily hairstyles. But sometimes, braids can be a bit too tight. Slicked back or tightly tied in a French braid – and maybe that isn’t the vibe you’re going for. Loosen up the braided look for errands, concerts or even in the workplace for something a little less stiff. Here are some of our favorite loose braid hairstyles:

Low Loose Braids

We love these braids because they’re so easy to manage on your own. Simply pulling your hair back and loosely braid your hair, leaving plenty of strands out of the braid for a more casual look too. If you want to keep it loose and simple but still perfect for work then keep it a little more together and add a hair wrap at the beginning of the braid.


Low loose braids

The Undone Braid

If you’ve got longer or fuller hair then this look is for you. You’ll want to create a regular 3 or 5 strand braid but then take your comb and lightly pull the strands apart to create this undone braided look.


Undone braids

Knotted Loose Braids

Looking for something undone and casual but still unique? Rather than braiding your strands try knotting your strands by pulling two strands through each other. Continue this down your hair to create layers of tightly knotted braids.


Loose knotted braids

Low Ponytail with Braided Base

Just trying to spice up your low ponytail hairstyle? Adding a braid to your low and loose ponytail gives your hair that something extra for your look. We especially love this look with your fall and winter sweaters because it keeps your hair back and secure, untangled during the weather, but still loose and casual – also like your sweater looks.


Loose ponytail braid

The Loose Fishtail Braid

The fishtail is the perfect braid for loose braided hairstyles because it’s a secure braid. It’s wrapped up tightly so that when you pull it apart, it will stay secure, even though it’s been loosened. Perfect with a side-swept hairstyle, this fishtail braid can be worn to any occasion.


Loose fishtail braid

Half-Back Loose Braid

Sometimes we just need the top of our hair pulled back. It’s often the most frizzy, loose and hardest to add texture. Why must it have a mind of it’s own? Keep your down hairstyle stylish with a loose low braided hairstyle. We love this look with wavy hair texture because it adds movement and flow but it works with straight hair too.


Half-up loose braid

Loose braided hairstyles can be worn so many ways and with every hair texture. We love sweeping them to the side or securing them in the back with a hair wrapped elastic. We hope this inspires you to try and tie on many loose braided hairstyles.