Low Bun Hairstyles You Must Try

The topknot has been center-stage for quite a while now. Who can blame us for loving the topknot? It’s quick, it’s easy and it looks damn good. But, the topknot day-in & day-out look can grow old, and your head might be crying for some relief after hours of pulled-back, heavy bun of head all day.


The good news is the topknot has a just as easy and stylish companion, the low-bun. The low bun is stress-free, heck maybe even easier than the topknot – no need to worry about bumps – it keeps your hair tied back, your styling time minimal but the versatility is extraordinary. From elegant low buns to casual and tousled locks, the low bun can take you from work, to a night out and then to morning coffee and brunch the next day. Here’s our favorite ways to wear the low bun:

The Sleek Low-Knot

Yup, not the topknot, the low-knot ladies. This tutorial shows you how to get the look in 30-seconds! The low-knot is similar to the topknot, meaning that you can make it as tight and sleek or as casual and tousled as you like.


Low knot

Tuck and Roll Low Bun

Any hairstyle that uses scarves to accessorize will be versatile. All you have to do is choose a small scarf, printed or plain, silk or cotton and use it to recreate this tuck and roll low bun hairstyle.


Tuck and roll hairstyle

The Scarf Bun

This is one of those hairstyles that can be worn 10 different ways. We love using a scarf to spruce up a low bun because it can be made to truly match your individual style. You can use a scarf and tie it through the bun, wrap it around the bun as an accessory, make it a bow or simply secure the bun with scarf by wrapping it tightly around the base.


Scarves as an accessory with your low bun


Scarf twisted with a low bun

Loose Strands and Soft Low Bun

The low bun can be sleek or tousled and it’s always elegant. If you don’t want a tight low bun, leave a few loose strands out around your face with a center part. This soft touch will compliment any face shape and regardless if your hair is wavy, curly or straight, this is a simple low bun hairstyle that’s perfect for every occasion.

Perfect every day low bun with loose strands

Perfect every day low bun with loose strands


Casual low bun with loose strands

The Low Side Bun

If you’re looking for a simple hairstyle that is a little more formal for a wedding, Christmas party, birthday celebration or any occasion that gives you an excuse to dress-up, try a simple low side-bun. With a few pins and a tight knot, you can have an elegant hairstyle in minutes. Leave a few loose strands out for a flirty touch.


Easy and elegant low side bun

Side buns are also perfect for the “messy knot” look too!


Tousled low side bun