Medium Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Who doesn’t love a heart-shaped face? The wide-brow and narrow chin is a combination that creates a soft, feminine and unique look. To create more balance you want to add width around the chin.

Medium length hairstyles such as the long bob are the perfect option because they draw the eye outward in the right spot. Medium length cuts also work with side-swept bangs, which are perfect for making the forehead appear narrower. Win-Win!


Loose Waves with Side-Swept Lob Cut

Some times the heart-shaped face can have a harsh jaw-line and the medium length cut can be a bit drab. To make sure that your heart-faced shape is well balanced and your mid-length style doesn’t look like a boring mushroom, style your cut with big loose waves. It’s a modern twist on a classic hairstyle. Try using rollers or an overnight curling option to keep styling to a minimum and style to a maximum.


Loose waves for heart-shaped faces

Straight Chin-Length Bob with Wispy Side-Swept Bangs

Think Reese Witherspoon. Her heart-shaped face is tremendously flattering when paired with a simple straight bob. Side-Swept wispy bangs are the key to making this look work. They create an angled look that makes the forehead appear narrow and draws your eyes downward for a wider illusion around the chin.

Straight hair with heart-shaped face

Straight hair with heart-shaped face

Wavy Long Bob with Long Bangs

Bangs are a heart-shaped ladies best friend. They frame the face and make the chin appear the same width as the forehead. A wavy texture can create width around the jawline and chin to make the face appear more oval. A longer length is perfect for naturally textured hair but it can work for straight hair too.


Long bangs with heart-shaped face


Bangs with heart-shaped face

Center Parted Wispy Choppy Long Bob

A centered part can work for a heart-shaped face with the right textured hairstyle. If you like pushing your hair back with your fingers or letting it flow naturally around your face then this cut can work well. The wispy front pieces create a more balanced and oval face shape and it’s a low maintenance look!


Wispy bangs for a heart-shaped face

Deep Part with Asymmetrical Cut

Deep parts are always a good option with a heart-shaped face. Throwing off the center draws the eyes of the beholder outward. When you have an asymmetric cut, the eyes are drawn over and down to the longer side. This will throw off the center but also minimize the difference between the width of the forehead and the chin.


Straight asymmetrical cut


Mid-length asymmetrical cut

We hope you like these ideas for your heart-shaped face. Of course you must consider your hair texture, maintenance, and upkeep.