Olivia Wilde’s Blonde Bob

We can’t help but gush over celebrities who make a bold change to their hairstyle and absolutely rock their new look. Olivia Wilde, a beautiful brunette, has been dabbling with lighter hair with ombre and balayage looks. These colors have warmed her longer brunette locks and perfectly complimented her sun-kissed skin tone.


Olivia Wilde balayage hair

But as most people who have dabbled with blonde know, it’s an affair that grows more intense each time you visit the salon. Olivia Wilde started dying her brown hair lighter and lighter until she had a pretty heavy brown to blonde ombre look.


Olivia Wilde goes blonder

With the blonder look came a bolder vision of her hairstyle. Olivia posted a photo of her hair chopped to chin-length and slicked back showing off her darker roots. She shows us that blondes really do have more fun with the caption “Blonde Life!” and she is clearly enjoying the lighter and shorter look.


Olivia Wilde’s blonde bob

It seems Olivia isn’t the only celebrity who opted for the shorter, platinum blonde look either. She showed up to the party to find that Kate Mara, has also changed up her look and is sporting a chin-skimming bold blonde bob too.


Olivia Wilde and Kate Mara

Olivia Wilde has been debuting her blonde bob sleek and slicked back but she shows us that her inner punk rockstar can’t be tamed with this photo of her wearing her blonde bob untamed and for a fabulous hairstyle that shows the inner wild child.


Blonde bob hairstyles have more fun

One of the reasons we love chin-length bobs so much is because they’re so easy to style. All you need is the right part, the right texture and you’re out the door from morning until night without having to fuss with anything. Olivia is opting to style her blonde bob with a side part that perfectly compliments her face shape and personal style.


Blonde bob hairstyle

If you’ve been concerned that a shorter cut might not be ideal for those days you just want to throw your hair back and lounge around, check out this simple low bun that is perfectly fit for those days spend in a sweatshirt and sweatpants – or just for those days you’re running late for running errands.


Styling bobs for lazy days

We’re not sure how long Olivia Wilde will keep this shorter bob hairstyle as it appears it’s for an upcoming role but we’re inspired by her blonde bob –and her showing the world that it’s possibly true that blondes do have more fun.


Olivia Wilde