Ombre Combined with an Amazing Hair Color Ideas

It seems like we were just warming up our hair color in preparation for sunny skies and beach days. Seasons aren’t such a bad thing – considering variety is the spice of life. If you’re ready to start thinking about a Ombre still combined with a different hair color then we’ve got you covered. Check out these latest Ombre hair color ideas for this year’s cooler seasons.


Dark to Red Ombre

The leaves are changing from green to red, so why not finally try on that red hair color? An ombre is the perfect way to test the waters with a red hair color. You could achieve this look as a blonde but we recommend it more for those ladies who have darker hair already and want to cover up those blonde highlights with something new.


Red ombre for fall

Rosy Blonde Ombre

Looking to channel the red hues but as a blonde you’re not quite ready to go dark red? Try adding rose hues to your blonde hair in a balayage or ombre look. This look can be subtle or bold, depending on your preference. Pastel colors are in this year, and we love the subtle way of dulling a brighter hue but still keeping the color light and warm.


Rose blonde for fall

Charcoal Gray Hair Color

We’ve seen a lot of rainbow and pastel hair trends lately but on the other side of the spectrum we’ve got the perfect hair color for ladies who want something that matches their darker style. The subtle gray balayage makes wearing gray surprisingly wearable. Add the gray with blue or lavender, all over or just in a few sections.


Charcoal gray for fall

Sombre Your Ombre

An easy way to transition into a darker color for the cooler months is to add lowlights to your highlighted hair. You should still keep the warm richness of the ombre or balayage highlights but by adding lowlights throughout your hair and warmer blonde colors such as caramel, you can create a look that is easy to transition between seasons.


Sombre hues for fall

Auburn Ombre

Another color scheme that can take you from light to dark or dark to light is auburn ombre. Auburn is that shade of red-brown that is more like a burnt orange hue than red or brown. If you have lighter locks you can add more brown-than-red auburn hue to darken your hair for fall but if you want something a little lighter for the season than an auburn and blonde highlight ombre is a perfect look for all your fall festivities.


Auburn ombre for fall

We hope these shades inspire you to fall in love with a new hair color – even if it’s just for the season.