Peach Hair Color Ideas

As the cold weather gives way to sunny days and warmer temperatures, the urge for a brighter change blossoms with the flowers. Dull hair colors are craving a fresh lighten up and we’ve got the perfect fix: peach! Take a look at our different peach color variations that will surely make you stand out amongst your friends.


Peach hair color can subtly blend with blonde locks or create an interesting contrast with darker hair. If you’re looking for low maintenance than a few balayage highlights around the face are perfect. If you want something that will make a peachy statement, opt for a bold ombre! Blend peach with blondes, oranges, brondes, reds, etc. We’ve got the peachiest hair color ideas below:


Blorange Hair Color

The trend that everybody is talking about this season is “blorange” which is a play on blood orange. This peach color is infused with the deep pink almost red color of a blood orange. This look is perfect for those who want a bold, deeper peach color.


Blorange hair

All Over Peach Keeny

If you love the peach color and you don’t need to test it out, if you have dark or light hair, heavy all over highlights will make peach your main squeeze. This look can work on anyone and any hair type too. We recommend adding some blonde or violet hues to give the color plenty of body.


Heavy peach highlights

A Hint of Peach Ombre

If you’re already rockin’ ombre but looking for the Spring freshen up, try adding hints of peach throughout the blonde of your ombre. This is perfect for women with warm brunette colors and warm skin tones.


Peach and blonde ombre

Peach and Violet Hair Colors

If you’re not afraid of a little hair dye, then don’t stop with peach. Adding volet and blonde hues to compliment the lighter peach color will make your hair stand out. It’s the perfect Spring color update if you’re bored with your natural hair color.


Violet and peach highlights

Pink Roots and Peach Hues

If you want easy roots maintenance then think outside the box! Well, you may need to buy a few DIY boxes for keep up but the dying itself is easy. Dark pinkish roots blended with the lighter pink peach color throughout your locks creates a complimentary contrast.


Pink & peach

Peach Balayage

Perhaps the easiest way to get this look is by simply using the balayage technique to paint a few peach pieces throughout your hair color. This works best on lighter colors but with the right bleaching techniques, it can work on darker locks too.


Peach balayage

We hope these peach hair color ideas have inspired your Spring look – or any time of the year really! Play around with different hues, highlighting techniques and textures to get the perfectly peach look to work for you!