Pulled Back Bangs Hairstyles

There are certain days when you just have to pull your bangs back. Maybe your bangs are just having one of those days and you don’t want to worry about them. Perhaps you are looking for a hairstyle that keeps the attention on your face, not your hair and alas, maybe you’re trying to grow those bangs out and you’ve grown so impatient you can’t stand to even look at them!


For all your reasons, there are so many ways to pull your bangs back for any occasion or season. Check out some of these looks with pulled back bangs:

Pulled Back Bangs with Wavy Hair

If you have a long bob or long hair, you can pair your wavy texture with a voluminous pulled back bangs look. We love how this hairstyle creates length and width, making it work for every face shape. It also works so you don’t have to pair curly hair with straight bangs.


Poofy bangs and wavy hair

Twisted Back Bangs with Updo

One of the best reasons to twist your bangs back is for a complete up-do. It allows you to show off earrings and make-up for a night out. This simple pulled back bangs up-do doesn’t create a lot of volume but it does give the front of your hairstyle a special “oomph” for a special occasion.

Twisted Back Bangs Updo

Big Curls with Twisted Pulled Back Bangs

Looking to channel your inner old Hollywood glam girl? Try this timeless pulled-back hairstyle. We love how easy it is to simply twist back your bangs and pin them with some discreet bobby-pins. Styled with long, big luscious waves and you’ve got a show-stealing hairstyle.


Big curls and twisted pulled back bangs

Poofy Pulled Back Bangs for Bob

Big hair isn’t just for long haired ravens. This poofy pulled back hairstyle is a perfect way to change up your bob with bangs. All you need are a few clips and hairspray to secure this look for a day to night hairstyle. Be careful if you have a long face shape because it adds length without width.


Pulled back bangs for bob

Pulled Back Bangs with a Ribbon

If you love Bardot or have long bangs like she did, then why not steal another look from her fashion tool box? The ribbon is a soft, simple way to keep your bangs pulled back that isn’t just another bobby-pin secured look.


Pulled back bangs with hair ribbon

Vintage Pulled Back Bangs

The 70s was a great era for long hair, and they knew how to make simple styles look flawless. Long, straight hair with high pulled back center pieces is a style that looks perfect with high collars or strapless dresses.


Vintage hairstyles


Vintage hairstyle for your bangs

Side Bang Pulled Back Poof

Don’t like the center part? Or perhaps your face-shape doesn’t farewell with it? Try pulling your bangs back to the side. It’s a simple change-up that can make a big difference when styling for your face shape and hair texture.