Short Hair Inspiration from Audrey Tautou

From curly bobs to choppy pixies, Audrey Tautou has the flawlessly styled shorter hairstyles that inspires us to chop our locks for the tres-chic shorter cut. Her look is almost a modern Audrey Hepburn – with more texture and volume but remains a timeless look.


We love that Audrey Tautou shows us that curly hair can work with shorter cuts, but we want to caution you that you should see a stylist that has experience with your hair type and shorter cuts and make sure that these looks will work with your face-shape and daily commitment to styling.

Now that we’ve got that cautionary tale out of the way, let’s have a look at some serious short-hair inspiration from Audrey Tautou.

Curly Pixie with Side-Sweep

If you’re worried about your wavy short hair being uncontrollable, Audrey shows us that all you need is to embrace the texture and perhaps use a bobby-pin or two to help tame the wilder pieces. This shorter pixie is face-framing, volumizing and oh-so-stylish.


Audrey Tautou pixie cut

Short, Straight and Sleek Pixie

This shorter cut works perfectly with Audrey’s face-shape. The close-cropped pixie brings your attention to her cheekbones from all angles. The shorter cut also removed some of the texture and volume from her hair, making it a more manageable look.


Audrey Tautou short pixie

Short Hair Ponytails

We love that Audrey shows us how charming short-haired ponytails are. She is usually seen wearing them a little undone, with pieces of hair falling out of the ponytail. The casual but stylish ponytail is perfect for running errands or going out on the town.


Audrey Tautou’s shorter ponytail

Chin-Length Curly Bob

If you’ve got a long or thin face-shape then you can totally rock this curly longer bob haircut. Audrey embraces her hairs natural texture and simply styles it au-natural with a slightly off side-part.


Audrey Tautou’s curly bob

Lightly Layered Close-Cropped Bob

Another way to manage texture with a shorter hair cut is by adding subtle layers and making the hair appear thinner. Layers can also add texture for women with fine hair. This short, close-cropped bob on Audrey with a side-part is another example of using your haircut to emphasize your facial features and frame your face.


Close-cropped bob

Voluminous Textured Short Hair

Using layers in your pixie cut can add plenty of volume around the crown and sides of your head. Audrey uses different lengths to not only create volume but also movement throughout her hair. This gives her a more versatile look that can easily be dressed up or down.


Voluminous pixie

If you’ve been thinking about going shorter but you’re a little nervous – use Audrey Tautou’s chic, stylish, bold yet feminine shorter looks to inspire you.