Short Haircut Ideas for Afro Hair

Afro hair is often a texture that can be difficult to manage with certain lengths and styles. Many black women look fantastic with short haircuts that are both elegant and edgy.


It doesn’t matter if you choose to wear a natural hair texture or opt for straightening your hairs texture, there is a pixie haircut out there to fit your face shape and your bold personality.

Curly Long Fauxhawk

Shorter on the sides and longer on the top, this fauxhawk gives the illusion of length, making it the perfect cut for rounder face shapes. The curly texture on top is both sassy and sophisticated making it a classic short haircut for straitened afro hair.


Curly pixie

Phoenix Orange with Textured Pixie

Release your inner phoenix with this burnt orange hair color. The phoenix is a symbol of renewal and if you’re looking for an updated hair color and style, this is a fashionable choice. The short layers give this pixie cut texture, body, and can be easily styled with some hair gel or mousse.


Layered and tapered pixie

Slicked Down and Chic

A simple way to style your shorter pixie cut is with a slicked down hairstyle. This sleek and chic look will keep your hair in place and styled all day and all night. This look is perfect for slightly longer pixies that will frame your face for a feminine, flattering and forward hairstyle.


Sleek and chic shorter hairstyle

Vintage-Inspired Curls

With the right haircut, meaning lots of tapering and feathering, you can use your natural texture to create short vintage-inspired curls for a look that never goes out of style. Perfect for women who find their style inspiration from past decades, this look can flatter every face shape.


Vintage haircut

Long Pixie with Nape Length Feathered Cut

If you’re willing to straighten your afro hair texture either permanently or daily then this longer pixie with feathered layers can be a short hair option. The longer section in the back will give you a flattering look without the maintenance and leaving it long and flowing on the top is the perfect stylish pixie cut for longer face shapes.


Nape-length cut

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with Curls

If you’ve got naturally curly hair then an asymmetrical cut with a hard part can give you the best of both worlds: Control and Curls. The curls will have plenty of volume and wild texture on the longer side, but by keeping it to one side, you will have a controlled cut that’s easy to maintain.


Asymmetrical pixie

Not every short hairstyle can work with afro hair but there are lots of options and ideas you can try. We hope you can use this as inspiration to tailor a short haircut that perfectly expresses your personality while complimenting your face shape and hair type. Shorter hair on black women is tremendously flattering and takes time out of styling, win-win!