Smokey Gray Ombre Hair

The wave of platinum blonde hair trends has turned towards hues with lilac and violet undertones. This look walks a fine line between natural hair hues and unnatural bold colors. If you like to take a walk on the wild side but you also need to have a more professional look for day-to-day, then these smokey, gray colors with hints of lilac and ombre might be the perfect option for you. Check out these gorgeous hair colors:


Smokey gray balayage hair

Silver almost Gray Ombre

This lighter take on the smokey gray ombre look is perfect for ladies who really want that more blonde look. We love that these silver hues don’t look as gold or dingy has blonder colors when they start to fade. This heavy ombre leaves the roots dark but just a few inches from the roots you have a silver, almost gray hue for a simple smokey look.


Light smokey gray hair

Smokey Gray Balayage Hair Color

Looking for a way to brighten your dark hair but feel that blonde balayage is a little played out? Step out of the box with this smokey gray balayge look. The gray color with subtle hints of lilac to compliment the cool tones of your darker hair is the perfect look for every season, not just summer months.


Perfectly smokey gray balayage hair

Partial Smokey Gray Highlights

Want the highlights without the damage or upkeep? Try an accent or partial highlighting technique. Just use 10-12 foils of the hair color so it’s not too overwhelming with color or price, win-win! Have them placed throughout your hair to accent your facial features. If you don’t want them in the front, keep them on the top layers but away from your face.


Smokey gray highlights

Purple hues to Smokey Ombre

If you want something that plays with unnatural hair colors then purple is a perfectly complimentary hair color to the smokey grays. Try adding it through subtle balayage highlights or if you prefer something a little bolder, a smokey gray ombre with purple roots or purple tips is a stylish option.


Subtle hints of lilac with smokey hair


Purple with smokey ombre

Ombre Bob

We love the smokey ombre look on choppy bobs. The edgy choppy bob cut paired with the dynamic smokey gray ombre is a hairstyle that’s easy to style, maintain and looks great for every occasion!

Ombre bob

Ombre bob

Smokey Ombre Tips

A lot of ombre today is heavy and starts almost at the roots. Keep your ombre traditional, especially if you have long hair, and try this smokey ombre look that blends the silver hues into your darker roots naturally. Finish the ends with a blue or lilac hue for a soft look.


Subtle smokey ombre hair