This Summers Hair Color Trends

When the weather heats-up, so does our desire for a new look. We start swapping out our black dresses for floral sundresses, deep nail polish for brighter hues and we get the urge to lighten our darkened hair – or at least get a gloss for some added shine.


Before you head to the salon for your new look, check out these latest hair color trends. For some of us, we might just stick to our go-to balayage look because this trend isn’t going anywhere. But you might get inspired to try something totally new after scrolling through these looks!

Amber Hues and Balayage

The weather is warmer and so are hair colors. This years trends are staying away from cooler hues and ash tones and opting for golden undertones. Brunettes are choosing cinnamon rather than bright blondes and redheads are choosing strawberry. This warmer hue is perfect with warmer skin tones too, especially with that summer sun-kissed skin tones.

The balayage makes this look natural, low upkeep and can compliment just about anyone when done correctly. Best part about it – it’s much lower maintenance than bright blondes and it doesn’t damage your hair like the bleach blondes do. It’s also a better option for women who want to use their hair to help them appear younger.


Amber balayage ideas


Once you go red –you never go back. Well, maybe not never, but people who try on red have trouble giving it up. More and more people are opting for fiery red hues. Be weary because red has to work with your skin tone but if it does – you can’t go wrong with this color. Copper is generally an easy color to get so you only need to spend about 1 hour in the salon (unlike those blonde balayage colors). You’ll want to get red-hair friendly products though!


Copper hue ideas

Beach Blonde

All of these trends have something in common: they look natural. Hair color trends have taken a turn from choppy highlights or dramatic ombre for more subtle and natural copper hues or balayage painted hair. This look is flattering on all hair textures and can last much longer than other highlights. The “I got this hair color at the beach” look is right on trend this summer. Even better if you head to the beach for a natural lightening too!

Summer hair color

Summer hair color

Shadowed Roots

Life is busy; some times it’s too busy to worry about our roots. Blondes are turning to a new trend to stay out of the salon for a few extra weeks: shadowed roots. The look leaves roots a shade or two lighter than your natural hair for an inch or two and then transitions into the lighter color. It’s not an ombre because the two-tone hues are subtle


Shadowed roots for light hair