Tiger Eye Hairstyles

The love affair with highlighted hair isn’t going anywhere. Adding to the vocab of ombre, somber, ecaille, bronde, etc. is tiger eye hair color. Tiger eye is going to be more popular with ladies who want to darken their bronde or warm their ombre hues. But what exactly is tiger eye and what look can you achieve?


What is Tiger Eye Hair Color?

A tiger eye gemstone is gold, red and brown in color and has been traditionally worn for protection and confidence and in some parts of the world it is believed to protect you from the “evil eye”.


The colors common on tiger eye gems can be achieved with the right technique when dying your hair too. We’ve come to love painted on highlights with the balayage technique or hair paint. This approach keeps the highlights or lowlights away from the roots for a more natural and low maintenance look.

For tiger eye hair color, you use these techniques to add rich, warm brown highlights and lowlights blended with chocolate and warm golden brown and even blonde hues.


Tiger Eye Hair Color Ideas


Rich Golden and Chocolate Tones

The classic tiger eye is adding gold and chocolate hues throughout the hair for a subtle change that makes a impact on your hair color and total look. This classic tiger eye is perfect on darker hues.


Classic tiger eye hair color

Trendy Tiger Eye Balayage

If you have longer dark hair and want a simple way to brighten and warm up your look, this tiger eye color, using balayage is the perfect way to keep it natural and easy to maintain. When you pair it with these bouncy waves, you’ll have a gorgeous hairstyle.


Subtle balayage for tiger eye hair color

Tiger Eye with Auburn

If your brown hair has some red undertones then why not bring them to the surface by adding auburn and honey highlights to create this warm hair color?


Auburn tiger eye

Tiger Eye with Heavy Caramel Tones

Caramel is a lighter color that still has the rich warmness of darker hues. It’s a good complimentary hair color to rich chocolate and brunette colors and warm skin tones. A heavy caramel highlighted tiger eye look is more dramatic but a gorgeous way to go lighter without the overall hair color.

Caramel tiger eye

Caramel tiger eye

Honey Golden Tiger Eye with Choppy Bob

The tiger eye hair color can be an effective way to spice up your bob haircut. The different hues makes the subtle layers in bobs pop and creates dynamic movement throughout the shorter hair cut for a warm and flirty haircut and style.


Bob haircut with tiger eye hair color

Underneath Tiger Eye

The tiger eye look can be an affordable way to make a big change to your hair color. If you’re looking for a bigger change then opt for all over highlights and make sure you have some honey colors hidden underneath your hair that will make a big statement for updos and half updos.


Hidden tiger eye color

Tiger Eye on Dark Hair

Dying black hair can be a big risk and damaging. The blended look of chocolates and golden hues is an effective way to dye your darker hair without it looking fake or doing too much bleaching damage to your darker locks.

Tiger eye for darker hair

Tiger eye for darker hair