Top Knots and Fishtail Braid Buns For Every Occasion

Buns are a timeless hairstyle and they work for just about every occasion. The bun has evolved over the years to become incredibly intricate and cute. Celebs, Pinterst and other social media websites have helped share bun ideas. Now we are obsessed with the sock bun, braids and buns and oversized topknots. Whether you are heading to a music festival, a wedding or prom, a bun can be a great hairstyle choice. Here are some of our favorite buns and our suggestions for the occasion.

Fishtail Braid Bun

Are you heading to a beach vacation soon? Or perhaps you’re just heading out for a day on the lake or river. That’s the perfect occasion to wear a fishtail bun. The fishtail braid can be completed and then put into a loose bun or a French fishtail braid. Simply adding a fishtail will create an all overall beautiful hairstyle.


The perfect summertime fishtail bun

Big Ballerina Bun

This timeless hairstyle is really the quintessential bun hairstyle. However, it tends to perfectly compliment a polished look. It’s the perfect updo for a hot date night or girl’s night on the town.


Big bold ballerina bun for a night out

Messy Top Knot

This is probably the easiest bun to recreate but also one of the cutest. If you’re heading out to run errands, to the beach or even just a coffee date with a friend, keep your hair pushed back and brushed up with a tousled top knot.


Simple and stunning top knot

Bun with Crown Braid

Another braided hairstyle that has taken off in popularity is the crown braid. This blend of boho and ballerina is perfect for any night out on the town or a wedding. This look can be a bit tricky to recreate so grab some products like wax or hairspray and a friend and for help. If you want a more casual look for daytime activities then just give the bun a messy look.


Crown braids with simple bun

Bun with Bandana

If you are heading out to music festival, concert or perhaps you’re going hiking or something else outdoors, you will want to keep your hair up. Add a touch of style to your outdoor bun hairstyle by styling it with a bandana or hair scarf – and it will be practical in case you need it for something besides a hair accessory.


Big bun with bandana

Side Bun

Do you have a day planned filled with shopping with your girls? Then you probably want a no-hassle hairstyle that’s easy to do too. If you have a casual day planned then opt for a side-bun to keep your hair off your neck without doing a lot of work. Add a headband if you want to accessorize.


Simple messy side bun with headband