Trending: The Sci-Fi Bob

We know that your hairstyle can make a big statement about your personal style, but it can make a much bigger statement too.

In the 1920’s we saw Flapper girls wearing the bob hairstyle, known for being independent and influential woman. In the ‘20’s short hair was seen as a defiance of society and beauty and fashion norms and suddenly a haircut became synonymous with rebellion and independence.


The bob haircut isn’t new to the modern hair scene though. In recent years, plenty of influential trendsetters have chopped their hair for tousled bobs. Recently we’ve seen bob haircuts become a little more serious – and this could be a response to the serious political climate.

The cut is sharp, straight and strong. For some people – this bob haircut isn’t just a beauty statement – but also a political and cultural one. The straight, sleek bob haircut, often paired with short bangs has been coined the “Sci-Fi Bob”. Perhaps culture has taught us to think that this bob hairstyle shows that the wearer is progressive and strong. Think about pop culture references such as “Carol Marcus” (Alice Eve) from Star Trek and Leeloo from The Fifth Element.

We love hairstyles with texture and movement but the Sci-Fi bob has some thing special about it. This hairstyle just radiates freedom, style and it’s even a little futuristic. Check out some of our favorite Sci-Fi bobs.   alice-eve-star-trek

Selena Gomez Sci-Fi Bob

One celeb that showed us how to wear both the sci-fi bob and sombre is Selena Gomez. This sleek, straight and angled bob with a center part is too chic. Selena generally has a round face-shape too but she’s showing that this statement style goes well with all face shapes. Click the nxt link for some bob hairstyle ideas for a round face.


Selena Gomez’s Sci-Fi bob

Bella Hadid’s Lob

At the 2017 Met Gala, Bella Hadid showed up with this center-parted lob. The cut had futuristic-styled sharped angles that grazed her collarbone for a perfectly Sci-Fi lob look.


Bella Hadid’s Sci-Fi bob

Nina Dobrev’s Futuristic Bob

Nina is known for her long bouncy waves. But according to sources, she wanted to chop off her hair for a while but couldn’t because of a role. She is starting a new chapter in her life and decided to take the plunge and chop off her long hair. We love this textured angled sci-fi style bob on her.


Nina Dobrev’s wavy Sci-Fi bob

Taylor Swift’s Sci-Fi Bob with Bangs

The clean lines and bangs simply remind us of futuristic vibes. The straight edges remind us of helmets or space suits. We love T.Swift’s chic and sophisticated bob with bangs. The look oozes independence and demands your attention.


Sci-Fi bob with bangs

These Sci-Fi bobs definitely inspire us to make a statement – rather political, cultural, personal or fashion statement. Make this look  your own by choosing a part or bangs that compliment your face shape, hair texture and personal style.