Types of Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day

It’s not uncommon for ladies to start growing out their hair the day they say “yes” to that special question. With the versatility of long hair, there’s no question why ladies often choose to skip their monthly hair-cuts in anticipation for their wedding day. Long hair allows you to have gorgeous updo’s or long flowing curls, even both, if you have time in-between the ceremony and the reception.

Unfortunately, growing out your hair can take months, even years and it can be frustrating, especially for those who enjoy a shorter, more manageable haircut. Hair extensions can give you length, volume and a luscious mane on your wedding day and the good news is that with today’s technology, hair extensions don’t look fake like they used to.


Up to 70% of brides end up keeping their hair extensions in after their bridal day. So, it’s important to determine what type of hair extensions you want. There are temporary, semi-permanent and permanent options. You’ll want to choose one that suits your budget, preference and patience for sitting in a styling chair.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Clip-In: These are a great option for brides who are positive they only want a short-term affair with hair extensions. Clip=ins come in many different wefts of hair that are attached to a clip. These are great for special-occasions. They’re easy to style with your natural hair and easy to put in with the help of your stylist. Although this option is cheaper than other options, you will want to invest more money into a natural-looking, high quality brand of clip-in extensions.

Glue-In: Another short-term option for brides is to glue in the weft of hair. The wefts can be removed after a few days by using an oil-based solvent.

Tape-Ins: These are very common among brides these days. They are great for adding volume and thickness and they’re pretty quick to install. They are applied with a heat tool that heats a thin strip of glue on to the hair weft. Your natural hair is put between two wefts to create a solid seal. These usually last 4 months and can be reused.

Sew-In/Braided: Also known as a weave, your hair is braided to create a solid base for the extensions and then wefts will be sewn into the braids using a needle and thread. It’s important to note that there might be limited styling options with this option.

Micro-Ring: There’s no heat, no tape, no glue – it’s a pretty safe method where you simply use tiny copper ringlets/beads to fit the extensions. They last up to 4 months and they’re a pretty cost-effective option because they’re reusable.

Keratin Bonds/Hot Fusion: This is a time consuming process but they are often considered the most durable. You can treat these extensions as if they were your own hair. The Keratin bonds are lined with silicone and then attached to your hair using a heating tool. The hot extension tool will melt the bond to your hair. The bonds are attached near the root but allows for space between your extension and the root which will give your hair natural movement. These can last up to 6 months.

Quick summary:

  • Shortest time to install: Clip-In (10-30 minutes)
  • Longest time to install: Hot Fusion (6 hours)
  • Cheapest: Glue-in or Clip-in
  • Most Expensive: Micro links or Hot Fusion
  • Mid-range price and time = Glue-In or Sew-In

Bridal Hair Extension Tips

ALWAYS do a trial run – You don’t want to purchase hair extensions or have them glued-in a day or two before the day just to find out that they aren’t at all what you wanted. Don’t just have a consultation with a stylist but have an actual run through with your hair extensions. At least one month in advance take your extensions to your stylist to be fitted.

Find multi-color extensions – Nobody has a natural hair color that is one solid shade. Our hair is made up of many highlights, lowlights and every hue in-between. Find extensions that offer multilevel coloration to blend into your natural hair color. You can use hair extensions to lighten or darken your natural color too by creating highlights and lowlights.


Highlighted hair extensions

Avoid heavy hair extensions – This may cause damage to your natural hair or cause the extensions to break and fall off. Find extensions that are about the same density as your natural hair.

Style your real hair and extensions together – If you are using temporary / clip-in extensions that are attached on your bridal day they should be styled / curled together to make a seamlessly cohesive look.

Wash your extensions before your wedding – You’ll want to have clean hair extensions for your big day. Make sure you wash and air dry them to remove any build-up and to have fresh extensions for products that you will add during the styling process.

Hair extensions for your wedding day

Hair extensions for your wedding day

Cut your hair extensions – You don’t have to have blunt hair extensions throughout your hairs natural cut. It will look unnatural and make styling difficult. Before your big day, during the trial run, make sure that you have your stylist cut your hair extensions to match your hair cut.

Choose an experienced hairstylist – There is a lot that goes into making extensions an extension of your natural hair. You’ll want a hairstyle that is experienced with not only bridal hair but extensions to make this part of your big day easy.

Long bridal hairstyles

Long bridal hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle for your big day is overwhelming and we know that throwing in the idea of hair extensions can make the decision even more difficult. Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, thickness and length to your hair for your special day. As long as you have a trial run with your chosen hair extensions with an experienced hair stylist, having hair extensions can actually make your wedding day easier by making your hair styling easy and looking better than ever.