Want a Fuller, Longer Ponytail Hair for Thin Hair?

If you have fine hair then you know that ponytail envy is real. Thick, luscious ponytails that bounce around with the slightest movement always seem to look more stylish than limp or thin ponytails. But, there’s no need to worry. There are tips and tricks to take your thin ponytail and make it appear full and voluminous. Check out these tips and give them try for your next ponytail day.


Double-Up The Ponytails

Perhaps the easiest way to make your hair look fuller is to actually create two separate ponytails. Take two separate sections (lower and higher). Let the higher ponytail fall on top of the lower ponytail to camouflage the fact you have two ponytails. This will not only make your hair look fuller but longer also!


Prop it Up

If you’ve got fine hair then you know that your hair can appear limp and flat, especially in a ponytail. A simple way to make your hair look spunkier and fuller is to prop up the base of the ponytail. Use two hair elastics or bobby pins to keep the base pointed upwards.


Propped up ponytail

Use a Clip

Another easy tip – use a clip! Simply create your ponytail, divide it in half and then place a clip in the middle. You can tease the top section of your hair to make sure the clip is covered and then use a hairspray to keep everything in place!

Clips for a fuller ponytail

Clips for a fuller ponytail

Texture, Texture

We love ponytails because they’re easy. Adding texture to a ponytail only takes a few minutes. You can simply pull your hair back and only curl the ponytail itself. This will only take a few minutes, especially on fine hair but will give your ponytail some much desired volume and movement.

Add texture to fine hair

Add texture to fine hair

We hope these styling tips help you create a ponytail that is fuller and longer for your daytime and evening time hairstyles. Remember that some times simple blow-drying tips or hairstyles can also make your hair appear fuller or more voluminous.