How Should I Wear My Hair to a Wedding?

No two weddings are the same. While one will try and capture the traditional wedding image, another will seek to step outside the box and wow their guest with creativity. As a guest, you should dress and style your hair to suit your personal style but, it’s also polite to go along with the theme of the brides wishes.

If you know that you’re going to a country-club wedding, then you might opt for a more traditional and formal hairstyle, and if you’re going to a wedding in the woods in the middle of July then you might choose a boho-inspired hairstyle as the wedding guest. We are here to help you navigate the best hairstyle for your wedding invitation.

Formal Side-Swept Curls

For formal weddings, you might be focusing on your jewellry such as pearls, diamonds and other statement pieces. A great way to blend formal hair with beautiful gems is to part your hair to the side and then style with tight, formal curls. Find a sparkly hair accessory to complete the look.


Formal wedding hairstyle

Semi-Formal Wedding Half-Up Hairstyle

So, you’re not at the yacht-club but you’re also not on a farm, so you’re somewhere in-between then your hairstyle should be too. The perfect look for a semi-formal wedding is a half-up hairstyle. Adding some loose curls will give this half-up hairstyle a more formal, but still casual look, and use your part to add volume and texture to your hairstyle.


Semi formal half-up do

Outdoor Wedding French Twist

A french twist sounds formal – and traditionally – it is, that’s what makes it a perfect choice for a wedding. You never know what the weather will be like and a French-twist can fight off frizz, keep you cool during hot days, or make the perfect hairstyle for a cooler winter, especially if you wear a coat or scarf. A French-twist can be made more informal too by loosing up the twist or adding a fun accessory.


French twist for wedding


Informal french twist

Beach Wedding Braided Hairstyle

A side-swept braid is the perfect hairstyle for a beach-wedding. Beach weddings are often hot and breezy. A braid will keep your hair protected from the breeze and also keep you cooler during the hot weather. Beach weddings are often more casual so you can create a tousled braid with loose strands and a voluminous side-swept part.


Non-traditional Wedding Updo

A great updo for a non-traditional wedding is an edgy top-knot. A top-knot allows you to keep your hair up and secure for a night on the dance floor but also it allows you to use your neck as a tapestry for a bold statement such as a high-collared dress, a statement blazer or a bold necklace. You can make your topknot as non-traditional as the wedding you’re attending by adding a voluminous part of even a hair accessory.


Edgy top-knot

Summer Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle

A ponytail might not sound like the best wedding hairstyle, but ponytails are versatile and they can be as formal or informal as the wedding venue. They are perfect for the middle of the summer because you can simply curl your tresses, add some volume at the crown and finish with a statement ponytail holder and your hairstyle will be practical, simple and stunning.


Wedding ponytail hairstyle

Winter Wedding Chignon Hairstyle

If you’re heading to a wedding this winter, you’re probably going to have on some layers. Rather than tugging loose waves from under a sweater-dress, wrap your hair up in a sleek, sophisticated chignon. This will keep your hair secure and out of the way for the dressing and undressing in between locations. Add a sparkly hair accessory such as a snowflake or something similar to create a truly elegant hairstyle in the middle of winter.


Winter low bun hairstyles