How to Wear the Mohawk Braid

The braided Mohawk is a hairstyle for the bold and unapologetic. It’s fierce, fun and funky and all braided up in a hairstyle that can work for every occasion. There are so many different ways to wear a mohawk braid – from a half-up hairstyle with a center Mohawk to full-on Mohawk mayhem. You have to find a hairstyle that not only works with your personality but also with your face shape and hair texture. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite mohawk braided hairstyles and hope you can use them to inspire your next out-of-the-box hairstyle.

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Fishtail Mohawk Braid

Who would’ve thought that fishtails and Mohawks would make such an elegant hairstyle? Creating a Mohawk by pulling up the front of your hair before starting the center braid makes it a little more feminine because there’s no shaving or cornrows involved. This fishtail Mohawk plait is perfect for your next special occasion.


Long fishtail mohawk braid

Mohawk Braid with Low Bun

A Mohawk Braid is a perfect way to show off your edgy style with a classic hairstyle and can be used for certain occasions like a wedding. A good idea is to create a Mohawk by having tight braids on the side and then with the center of your mane create a thick and full Mohawk and then complete the look with a timeless low bun.


Mohawk braid with low bun

Mermaid Hair Colors with Mohawk Braid

What better way to show off your Mermaid hair color, pastel hair color, or even your balayage then with a Mohawk braid that strategically pulls out pops of color to create a bright, gorgeous Mohawk braid.


Braided Mohawk hairstyle

Fishtail Partial Mohawk

Love your long wavy hair but want a hairstyle that’s not just a side-swept braid or left down? Try adding a Mohawk down the center of your crown. This fierce hairstyle is perfect with your beach waves rather you’re at the beach or heading out to a bon-fire in your flannel mid-summer.


Partial Mohawk braided hairstyle

Pull-Through Mohawk Braid

This braid is recreated by pulling hair from the under part of the braid and pulling it up through a circle that you create. This one will needed to be completed with a friend who loves working with hair or perhaps even a professional stylist. Once you’ve got this pull-through braid complete, it’ll be worth your time in the styling chair.

French Braid with Side Braids

This Mohawk braid is made with two tight side braids and then one large French braid down the center. This look is perfect for those high collars or large statement necklaces because it keeps your hair tied back and off your neck but the statement it makes is as a bold as the statement of your collar or jewelry.


French braid faux Mohawk with side braids

Dutch Braid Mohawk

Dutch braids are wide and loose, this makes them perfect to create a faux Mohawk hairstyle. The width and volume of the braid will naturally mimic a Mohawk without having to do too much styling. We love this look with the hairstyle completed with a long wavy ponytail but it would look great with a low bun, regular braid or a twist too!


Dutch Mohawk braid