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A few years ago you could see long locks everywhere you looked, from the catwalk to the side walk everybody was showing off long straight hair, and usually highlighted with a touch of honey blonde.

Recently we have seen woman get a lot bolder by chopping off those locks and sporting pixies, bangs and buzz cuts. Gone are the highlights, we have now welcomed sombre and bold colours into our lives. Our hair is a form of expression and our hair reveals a lot about our personalities, sexuality, and morale. From the cut, texture and colour, people make assumptions about who we are. So what does your hair say about you?

Blonde Messy hair

This blonde hairstyle looks natural


Long hair is generally associated with glamour and beauty, but it also says that you are afraid of change. You are probably sentimental and can’t let go of something you have been working on for so long.  According to Cosmopolitan, 74% of males prefer long hair. It says you are sexy, fun, and the perfect woman to bring home to mom.

Mid-length hair suggests you are even tempered, good natured, and intelligent. With cuts such as the bob are seen as youthful and fun. Mid-length hair suggests that you are even tempered, good natured, and intelligent. Also that you are up for change, accept new things, and don’t put too much emphasis on trivial things.

It takes courage to chop all of your hair off, and that’s exactly what short hair such as a pixie says. With this cut you are saying that you have confidence, especially in your face because with the style your eyes and cheekbones are the centrefold. There are many different types of hairstyles for short hair and although some men are not attracted to this look, you probably don’t care what they think. You are bold, confident, and fearless and that is something all men should be attracted to.


Bangs are hit and miss for women but a side-swept bang is seen as a very classic look. It suggests that you are professional, career-oriented, as well as friendly. Even with a cut that portrays professionalism it is still youthful and approachable. Blunt bangs are a lifestyle choice that are either high fashion and display your individuality or they come across as childish.


Curls & Waves suits many women quite well but still many women spend hours flat ironing them away. Those who wear curls & waves are often seen as laid back, natural, and low-maintenance. This texture is seen as the most approachable and friendly.

A straight texture is the least revealing look. It says you are trying to hide your personality and blend in with the crowd. However, stick-straight hair also portrays determination, productivity, and seriousness, and that you have it all together.


The University of Westminster in the U.K. and the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology conducted a study where a woman dyed her hair blonde, red, and brunette. The study revealed that men actually prefer brunettes. Men questioned in the study said as a brunette she was more approachable and seemed intelligent, more unpredictable as a red head and needy as a blonde.

Women that dye their hair blonde want to turn head and stand out from the sea of brunettes.  However, in the office, dark hair is seen as more professional, intelligent, and capable.

If you have died your hair an unnatural colour such as pink or blue your hair suggest that you are eccentric and prefer to follow the path less travelled. You are probably a free spirit who is willing to try anything once. On the other hand, you might be an attention craver.


If your hair is always super styled then you probably are too. This look says you like to be in charge of your hair but your career, relationships, and surroundings.

If you often wear a ponytail, like your hairstyle you are seen as traditional, low-maintenance, humble, and silly. Furthermore, you are least likely to be embarrassing yourself out in public.

The ponytails less classy counterpart – the messy bun tells people that you really don’t care, or at least you want to appear that way. It says that you are slightly disorganized, relaxed, and you have better things to worry about than your hair.

If you wear your wild and natural locks, styling tools are like a foreign language, and you spend only a few minutes on your hair – you are probably laid back and a hippie at heart. You are relaxed in love, life, and sex and you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Regardless of your haircut, texture, color, and style our hair is part of our identity and our first impressions. Your hair is an integral part of you and it can make or break your confidence, which affects your career, relationships, the type of people you attract, and how people portray you. Although eyes are the window to your soul, the way you wear your hair says a lot about you and how you want people to see you.