The Best Hair Color to Make Your Hair Look Fuller

Thin or fine hair can certainly have its perks. It’s generally easy to maintain and care for and it only takes a few minutes to get an effortless style you can wear all day. On the flip side, fine or thin hair can look flat and lackluster compared to a fuller head of tresses.

Make fine hair look fuller

Make fine hair look fuller

There are plenty of tips and tricks to making your hair look fuller. One of the more permanent solutions is to use hair color in your favor. With the right dye, part and cut, your fine hair can look fuller and have more body, though, it still might not hold those curls all day!

Hair Contouring to Make Hair Fuller

This approach is also called “hair contouring”. The idea is to use highlights and lowlights to make your hair come to life, just like we see with make-up contouring. Here are some tips to using hair color to make your fine or thin hair look fuller, and some hair colors we love for your next trip to the salon.


Before and After

The Color

Regardless if you’re looking for a complete hair makeover or a subtle change that will deliver big results, color techniques can give you a fuller, thicker looking mane.

DO experiment with lowlights and darker hues. Darker panels of hair will add depth to your hair.

DO experiment with highlights around the face. This will give your hair dimension and warm your overall look.

DO experiment with different hues. If you prefer being a blonde – do it – just add different shades of blonde to create more body and movement.


Different hues of blonde

DO experiment with gold tones if you’re a redhead or brunette. This will enhance your hair and your skin tone.

DO regularly treat your hair to a hydrating hair mask if you are going to color hair, brittle ends and dry hair looks even thinner.


Subtle highlights and lowlights

DON’T do heavy ombre. We know, the color is beautiful but you’re better off using highlights that are from your roots to the ends to avoid emphasizing thinning ends.

DON’T go too dark. Make sure you stay only one or two shades from the color at your roots. Darker shades make thinning more noticeable.


Highlights to make your hair look fuller

DON’T be afraid to color your hair. Hair color actually expands the hair shaft which will make it appear thicker. Just don’t bleach or highlight your hair too much or else this can lead to breakage.

Remember, hair contouring is another trick that can be used with or in replacement of hair powders, dry shampoos and the right part. Your hair color, cut and style should compliment your face shape and skin tones.


Right cut and color to make your hair look fuller