Hair Care While You’re Traveling

Being away from home almost feels like you’re away from reality but it also means being away from your hair care products and routine. Sometimes – it’s good to take a break from the daily washing, products and heat tools. It allows your hair to rejuvenate and encourages you to embrace your natural hair type.


But sometimes, our natural hair, especially if we’re traveling to hot and humid places, means crazy curls, unmanageable frizz and tangled locks. How do we keep our luggage light, our hair manageable and maximize our travel time? Here are some quick and easy hair care tips for traveling:

Pre-Flight Trim & Blow out

Before you head off on your adventure, prep your hair for the upcoming time away from your daily routine. You could get a trim before you go. This will give your locks a healthy, fresh cut and help minimize frizz or dry split-ends making your hair look dull if you have to air-dry.

If you don’t want a trim or if you have time for both, opt for a professional blow out before boarding. Blow outs tend to keep your hair soft and styled for multiple days and it will help you look effortlessly glamorous throughout the travel. Simply pull up in a ponytail or high bun for day two or three to keep the volume from the blowout.


Blow out

Packing for Hair Care

Don’t pack your full-sized hairdryer or straightener for your vacation. It’s extra weight, space and hassle. It’s easy to go to a local drug store or Target and get yourself travel and sample sized products. You can also pick up cheap travel-friendly bottles and containers if you want to travel with your favorite hair care products. Remember to keep them under 4oz if you plan to put them in your carry-on!

Pack small but essential items for styling your hair such as extra hair elastics, bobby pins and headbands. This will make quick styling easy and you do not want to worry about finding them in an exotic place.

Quick Hair Care Treatment for Sun Damage

If you’re traveling somewhere that you plan on spending a lot of time in the sun, don’t forget to protect your hair. Hats and scarves are perfect accessories that will shield your hair from sun damage but if you don’t want to cover up your locks, think about simple treatments to keep your hair hydrated.

Take a small amount of coconut oil or a hair mask from your local make-up/drug store on vacation with you. Feed your hair with natural oils to help rehydrate after long hours in the sun.

Travel Hairstyles


Braids are always a good idea. They prevent your hair from becoming tangled in the wind or after long days of traveling in airports, train stations, etc. They keep your hair maintained and prevent too much frizz. They’re also tremendously stylish!


Braids for bob hair length


Simple mid-length braid


Long braided hairstyle

Half-Up Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s casual, cute and still clever for traveling them try simply pulling it back in one of your favorite half-up hairstyles. This is perfect for showing off your beachy hair texture but still offering some sort of control to your hair.


Natural hair texture


Simple travel hairstyle


Stylish and easy half-up travel hairstyle


Finally, you can’t go wrong with a top-knot. Regardless if you wear a head-scarf, bobby-pins or braid it up into the topknot, the topknot is the ultimate hairstyle for travel.


Simple travel updo


Sleek and chic top-knot


Braided top-knot for traveling