How to Embrace Curly Wavy Hair

You probably hear hair compliments all the time thanks to your luscious wavy hair texture. But those who have straight hair or tight curls don’t necessarily understand that it some times feels like an unmanageable curse. You can’t just wash and go like straight hair and you don’t have those gorgeous curls that ladies with curly hair do. You’re somewhere in the middle.

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This middle ground certainly has it’s pros – with a little product, time and tips, you can achieve straight locks, curly hair, or gorgeous shiny beach wave hair texture. Although it might take some strategic hair care and extra time on some days, your crazy wavy hair is a blessing. Read on to learn why your hair is crazy and wavy and how to manage it.

Wavy Hair Types

Wavy hair is known at Type 2 (straight hair is type 1 and curly hair is type 3). The fibers of the hair are oval-shaped and twist around the follicle to create a curved pattern to your hair strands. There are 3-types of type 2 hair:

Type 2A: This type of wavy hair is fine but still has an S shaped pattern to the hair follicle. This type of wavy hair is very easy to manage and style. If you want your fine wavy hair to have style and texture, just styling it with a shoulder-length cut or a bob to create the illusion of thick, voluminous wavy hair.

  • Use light products such as mousse, gels and lotions so that you don’t weigh your waves down.

Shoulder length cut for thin wavy hair


Bob for fine wavy hair

Type 2B: This type of wavy hair will give you that beach wave that so many women desire. Although this texture is appealing – this type of wavy hair is often frizzy and hard to control. To style this hair type, try pulling it back in a half-up do or pinned to the side. This will help control the texture but still show off your gorgeous wavy hair.
  • Use lighter products with this type of hair texture such as mousse and gels. Use a diffuser to emphasize texture.

Pulled back medium wavy hair


Wavy hair with updo

Type 2C: This hair type is almost curly, and one some days, it straight-up is curly. This hair type is often frizzy, coarse and thick. Some people have straight hair underneath the top layers and others have almost ringlet curls. This type doesn’t always hold styling because of its thickness. It’s best to keep this texture long to help control and soften the wavy texture and ideally that means less frizz to manage too.
  • Use mousse or gel to help manage frizz. Scrunch in products with a microfiber towel to prevent frizz and control the wavy texture.

Long wavy hair


Long coarse wavy hair

Manage Your Wavy Hair

The most important thing to remember with wavy hair is that you must embrace and love your hair texture. If you’re constantly trying to straighten it, add curls, etc. then you will only hurt the locks with heat damage, product build-up and a potential resentment with your beautiful mane.

If you struggle with flatness at the top of your head, try adding volumizing spray at the top and then grab your blow-dryer with a diffuser and just blow-dry the crown for extra volume. Add a little bit of essential oils to maintain frizz throughout the length of your hair.

The trick to managing frizz is keeping your hair healthy through hydration and frequent trims. Use shampoo and conditioners that are made for your wavy (probably coarse) hair type. Don’t just stop with the shampoo and conditioner. Work a nourishing oil through your hair and let it sit overnight. This boost of moisture is your secret weapon against the frizz.


Tips to tame your wavy hair

Quick Tips for Managing Your Wavy Hair

Everybody’s hair is different and while some might respond better to no brushing and others might need to be brushed when you get out of the shower, try implementing these tips slowly to see what works and what doesn’t your your particular hair type and preferred beauty routine.


  • Protect your wavy hair while you sleep
  • Keep your hair moisturized at all times
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wavy hair
  • Use a deep condition once a week
  • Buy essential oils for your hair: coconut oil, Moroccan oil, argon oil
  • Use a diffuser to blow-dry your hair
  • Get regular trims to cut off split-ends
  • Try no-heat tricks to tame and style your hair
  • Wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt
  • Help your waves settle by using hairspray


  • Use too many heating products
  • Use too many products
  • Fall victim to hair product fads and gimmicks
  • Use products with sulfates or silicones
  • Shampoo every day
  • Skip conditioner
  • Touch your hair frequently


When it comes to achieving that natural beach wave texture with wavy hair, it takes a lot of products (ironically!) The key to creating a manageable wavy texture is finding shampoos, deep conditioners and styling products that work for your hair type. The good news is that if you wish to embrace your curls then you can stop using heat such as blow dryers and straighteners.

Simple styling techniques go a long way with wavy hair too. Try wrapping your hair in a towel or a cotton t-shirt to soak up the excess water and then try styling with products. Don’t forget that brushes work better on straight hair and your wavy locks will respond better to a comb.

We hope these tips help you manage your crazy wavy hair. Remember that your hair texture is envied by many, even if it can be a little crazy. Embrace the wild mane and use these tips to add some control, even if it’s just a little.


Embrace your wavy hair