Balayage Hair Colors That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

You want to look as young as you feel and we’re always looking for anti-aging secrets at Hair World Mag. We can use skincare routines and make-up techniques to make us look younger but there is another secret tool – hairstyle and color.


Simple color changes can make a big difference in our attempts to disguise our age. There are a few hair colors that are both on trend and can take a decade off your look – check them out!

Add Caramel Highlights to Brunette Hair

You might not have time to make consistent and routine salon appointments so choosing a hair color that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance is a good option. We love caramel highlights because you can paint them on with the balayage technique, they give your thinning hair a fuller look and the warmth of the caramel hues. As we age our skin tends to get lighter and the lighter, warmer color will shed years from your look.


Warm caramel highlights to look younger

Golden Melon or Strawberry Blonde

Add some fruit to your diet and your hair color for some anti-aging tricks. If you’re not a natural brunette but rather have lighter hair, then you might find that your hair is starting to look ashy as you age. Adding warmth through red hues, honey and butter blondes can give you a youthful glow. Make sure that you plan to get the color spruced up every few months.


Melon or Strawberry colored hair for a youthful look

Playful Pastel Pink

Before you write this off as a “no-way I’m too old for that” idea, consider the fact that playful pastels are a youthful look, and having fun with your hair color is a great way to show off your young and fun spirit. We are not suggesting you get mermaid hair color, but a light pastel pink is a great way to give your look a youthful vibe without “trying too hard to be young.” If you have light enough hair, you can even do this look at home.


Take risks for a fun and young hairstyle

Sombre Brond

You don’t want a look that’s too one dimensional, after all, variety is the spice of life. Similar to the colors mentioned above, you want to add brightness to your look. Sombre will have your roots a natural color and with strategically placed highlights and lowlights, you can brighten you look without changing it too much. This will help take years off your face without any big changes.


Sombre highlights

The important thing to remember with changing your hair color is to think about your natural hues – should you add caramel highlights or reddish low-lights to your hair, depending on how far they are from your current or natural hair color. Think about your skin tone and maintenance levels of the hair color too. Avoid going too dark or too light because that will drown you out, shows age spots, and lines more easily and its generally a harsher look. Think warm and light colors for a softer and age-defying look.