The Best Bob for a Pear Shaped Face

Why do we love comparing our physical appearance to fruits? Pear-shaped figure, apple bottom, lemons or melons on top… Anyways, I digress. Pear-shaped faces are when the widest part of your face is below your cheeks but above your chin, with narrow forehead and cheeks and a round chin.


Flattering Hairstyle Tips for Pear Shaped Face

Pear-shaped women have a jaw-line that is broader than their hairline.  This can be a relatively difficult face shape if you don’t know what styles to look for. Most women will want to get a hairstyle that makes your forehead appear wider and jawline narrower to create more balance. A bob haircut can be the perfect face-shape-balancing-remedy you’ve been looking for. Here’s a few quick tips for a bob haircut (or any hair length!):

Deep-side part: This will create more width at the part and help the chin appear narrower.

Styling with curls: Curls and simple beach waves can help the cheeks appear narrower when left in front of the ears.

Keep the piece: Do not chop or hide that section of hair that falls in front of your ear on the long side of your haircut. This will minimize roundness.

Keep the piece

Keep the piece

Volume: Always try to add volume around the crown to make the top of your head appear fuller.

Flat Ironing: Sleek hair and a center part can create an oval look. Make sure you don’t tuck your hair behind your ears though. Simply leave the length flowing and push your hair back at the crown or throw your hair behind your shoulder without tucking it away.

Now that we’ve got some styling tips out of the way, let’s look at a couple bob haircuts to try.

Bobs for Pear Shaped Face

Bobs with Bangs

You can use bangs to create balance with your pear shape face. Thick, full bangs can create width around your forehead, making your cheeks appear narrower, a side-swept full bang also creates asymmetry around your face which helps with narrowness too. Take a page out of Kelly Osbourne’s book. She’s the queen of the pear shape faces!


Side-Swept Textured Bob

The side-sweep can be your subtle-face-framing best weapon. This makes your face appear thinner by covering up the one side. The height around the forehead and front of the crown also adds width, making this look one of the best bobs for a pear shape face.


Bob Hairstyle to Avoid

Chin-Length Blunt Bob

We love a blunt bob, but some times it doesn’t love us back. With a pear shape face, you want to avoid adding width around the widest part of your face – the cheeks/chin area, With a blunt cut at the chin, it draws the eyes outward, right where you’re the widest. Blunt cuts also generally lack texture and volume and you want both!


Blunt bob

So, if you find yourself looking for a chin-length bob, just add some texture through side-parts and textured cuts.


Textured chin-length bob