Blunt Cuts with Textured Ends

Sounds like a conundrum, right? A blunt cut AND textured ends? But you can have your texture and one-length cut and it looks darn chic too. We all love the lob, especially when it has texture, but sometimes layered cuts at the tips don’t work well for our face-shape or hair type. You can work around this by adding that lob texture and getting a cut that frames your face with blunt ends. Ask your stylist for a strong blunt perimeter with choppy, texted layers built in.


This look gives focus to your jawline, neck and shoulders (talk about a sexy, bold look!) Celebrities like Nina Dobrev and Selena Gomez have already jumped on this trend; here is how to wear it! choppy-lob-selena-gomez-nina-dobrev

Cool Textured Lob

This look has minimal layers and the texture comes from “channel cutting” – removing the weight to create movement. This look allows you to wear your hair in a variety of ways too – center part, side-part, tucked away, left loose, it’s versatile so you never get bored and you never get it wrong.

Cool textured long bob

Cool textured long bob

Straight Shoulder-Skimming Lob with Texture

This look isn’t exclusively for women who want those waves with their lob either. The layers contained within the blunt cut creates texture with straight hair too. But,  you can more easily add wavy texture when you have these layers with your straight hair.


Straight hair with blunt cut and layers

Chin-Length Straight Lob with Texture

If you have thick hair but want a shorter cut, this option is perfect. The layers will create a lighter head of hair, making it more manageable – a common worry for ladies with thick hair who want lob or bob. This look is perfect for straighter texture too. The layers are subtle, remove weight, but create movement.


Straight bob with layers

Side-Swept Bangs with Texture

You can create a little extra volume and texture through your blunt cut by adding some choppy side-swept bangs. This is an effortless way to add movement but also add some face-framing strategies to your look.


Side-swept bangs with blunt bob

Asymmetrical Blunt Cut

You can create a lot of versatility with an asymmetrical cut. Depending on if you prefer straight or wavy hair, side-parts or center parts, you can get a look that is both blunt at the ends but has varying layers and style throughout the length of your hair, but keeping it contained within the confines of the blunt edges.


Asymmetrical blunt bob

Create Layers Through Style

If you don’t want to commit to the textured layers just yet, keep a blunt long bob and then create the layered textured through styling techniques. Pull your hair half back, create twists or braids and try deep side-parts.