The Best Low Maintenance Haircuts for Your Hair Type

You know that feeling – the one after you leave the salon and your hair looks like a million bucks. You share selfies to show everyone your fresh new haircut. Then you wash it or try to style it on your own and it looks nothing like it did from the day you went to the salon. Some haircuts require more maintenance and styling than others, but if you don’t have the time or the will to style your hair daily, then choose a haircut that is low maintenance for your hair type.

Thin Hair

  • Thin hair has trouble keeping volume, but too many layers will make it look thinner. Opt for haircuts that are one length or with subtle, long layers.
  • Blunt cuts will create the illusion of fuller hair.
  • A shoulder-length cut has enough weight to keep your hair styling minimal but not it’s not too long that your hair will look too thin.

Longer low maintenance cut for thin hair


Create the illusion of fullness with this low maintenance cut


Blunt cuts for thin hair

Straight Hair

  • A long grown out shag is a great option for straight hair because it will give you the movement straight hair lacks without needing any products.
  • Subtle layers are another way to give your hair a little more body without needing too much product. This can work with short or long hair too.
  • Shorter cuts with side-swept bangs are easy to style when you have straight hair and can work with every face shape.

Straight hair with low maintenance layers


Low maintenance bangs and cut for straight hair


Grown out shag for straight hair


Long bob for straight hair

Thick Hair

  • Opt for haircuts that are longer than shoulder length to prevent hair from poufing up.
  • Don’t get blunt cuts. Long layers will take off some of the weight which will make styling much easier.
  • Ask for long face-framing layers to create movement rather than a stiff blunt cut.

Face-framing layers for thick hair


Layers for thick hair


V-shape layered hair for thick hair

Wavy Hair

  • This hair type is one of the best for those short tousled pixies. All you need is a dab of hair gel and you’re on your way. Make sure it suits your face shape!
  • Face framing layers are a wavy textures best friend. They help tame the waves, allow your texture to accentuate your features and keep styling minimal.
  • A shoulder-length cut works well for wavy hair, all you need is to add some sea-salt spray and be on your way.
  • A cut that will work with side-swept parts are perfect for those girls who want to wash and run out of the house. This voluminous style is perfect for those who embrace the waves.



Face-framing layers for wavy hair


Short wavy pixie

Curly Hair

  • If you have really tight curls, opt for a longer haircut so that you’re not fighting its puffiness every day.
  • Shorter haircuts can work with curly hair. An angular bob will tame curls and give you an instant styled look.
  • A good length for curly hair is longer than shoulder-length with plenty of layers to remove weight and width.

Longer curly hair for lower maintenance


Graduated bob for curly hair


Side-parted low maintenance curly hairstyle