The Best Bangs for A Square Face Shape

A square face is what those gorgeous strong jaw-lines are made of.

Interestingly a square face is almost completely equal in length and width; typically have a square or flat chin, strong jawlines, straight cheeks and a broad forehead. You can simply pull back your hair and determine the widest parts on your face; if it’s the outer edges of your jaw and forehead then you’ve probably got a strong square face shape. Here are some of our favourite bangs hairstyles for if your lucky enough to have a square face.


Olivia Wilde’s square face shape

When it comes to bangs with a square face you should get bangs that soften your facial features and diffuse the strong four corners of your shape. Bangs are a great way to soften a square face but still compliment your strong bone structure. Check out these bangs that look amazing on a square face shape.

Soft Side-Swept Bangs

There are so many great reasons to opt for a long side-swept bang with a square face. The draw attention to your eyes, not the corners of your face, cut off corners on the forehead to minimize a wide forehead and the soft look will compliment stronger facial features.


Side-swept bangs are the best for a square face shape

Wispy Blunt Bangs For a Square Face Shape

Side-swept bangs aren’t for everyone; especially because they are so common you might prefer a bangs hairstyle that really has that ‘wow’ factor. Long wispy bangs paired with an off-center part are a great option. The part will conceal the corners of your forehead and the soft wispy bangs will draw attention to your eyes and give your face a more oval shape.


Soft wispy blunt bangs for a square face

Choppy Full Blunt Bangs

Unfortunately, with a square face you should stay away from heavy or blunt bangs because they will make your face look squarer. But if you do opt for blunt bangs then make sure they choppy for a softer cut and rounded around the edges.


Nicole Richie’s choppy blunt bangs for a square face

Curtain Bangs look Great with a Square Face

Finally, curtain or ‘Bardot’ bangs are the perfect compromise for a square face. They have the eye-catching look of blunt bangs, the softness of wispy bangs, and draw attention to eyes and jawline rather than the strong corners of the face shape.


Curtain bangs for a square face shape