Dip Dyed Hair Color Ideas

The ‘faded’ and ombre look is definitely one of the hottest looks right now. Dip-dye is a fun and fresh new hair trend that celebs like Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore, and Mary Charteris have sported. Dip-dye doesn’t take a lot of dye so you can save money while you try out new colors and give yourself a new look. Rather you want to go funky with bright and unusual colors or you want to keep it more natural there are many dip-dye hair color options for you.

The Multi-Color Dip-Dye

Dip-dye is one of the funkiest hair coloring trends and the multi-colored dip-dye will turn heads. You can choose 2 or more colors and create an ombre look with the colors.


This multi-color dip-dye hair looks fun and funky.

A Bright One-Color Dip Dye

Pink and purple are by far the most popular colors for dip-dyed hair colors. Regardless if you have naturally dark hair or light hair, a bright color looks amazing.


Bright colors are perfect for a dip-dye hair color.

The Blue Dip-Dye

A blue ombre look is another great option for the dip-dye. A braided hairstyle is the perfect way to show off your street-style hairstyle.


Braided dip-dye hairstyle.

Dip-Dyed Bangs

The dip-dye isn’t just for the bottom lengths of your tresses. This style has even been worn on bangs, so if you want to spice up your bangs – try a non-permanent dip-dye for a night out on the town.


Dip-dyed bangs.

Au-Natural Dip-Dye

The dip-dye is often used for funky colors but a more natural look might be a better option for a lot of women. The dip dye is a great way to lighten up your locks subtly and with minimal cost. This dip-dye often looks like ombre if done correctly and it’s a simply gorgeous hair coloring technique.


A natural dip-dye hairstyle can lighten up your locks.